Ally the 21 yr old is abused by her step father and bullied at school
All she has left is her too sisters and a little bit of hope...
( swearing in it )


4. More than fri

Louis's POV

"I - I I got to go see you around" than se ran I was confused, I turn to Zayn " what happend " " I don't know I'll go talk to her". I look all over the school in till I find some one curled in a ball against the wall " Ally " I whisper, I go to sit down next to her she looks up to me her cheacks are red and her eyes her face is pale and she was shaking " shh it's ok " I hug her she flinches but then hugs back " wanna talk about just us too " I whisperd " promise me you won't tell anyone " " promise " she takes a deep breath " My dad went off to war and died me and my mom where so sad but then she meet Jon my step father they had kids my sisters Alica and ana 4 years later my mom got kidnapped than killed Jon went crazy he lost his job and started drinking we moved to a crappy apartment why two rooms he would hit me cut me kicks me he turned off the heat and light to me and my sisters rooms I made a deal with him if he turns on my sisters heat and light I would buy him beers every day if I don't he will hurt me so for these past years I have been hurt many times since my clothes smell like beer they think I'm a drug addic which I'm not so that's where my parents have been ". I lean in than kiss her and for my surprise she kisses back , we pull back " do you like me " she asked " I love you " "I love you too Louis " we just sit there holding hands her hand fits in mine. I got my princess.


A/N Hiiii my little directioners 💚 it if you liked it it helps a lot!


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