Ally the 21 yr old is abused by her step father and bullied at school
All she has left is her too sisters and a little bit of hope...
( swearing in it )


1. Hard life

  Ally's POV ( bad words are in here do little ones get off plz)

I run upstairs telling my sisters to look there doors and stay quite because I knew Jon was going to hit me " ALLY " I flinch at his voice " GET YOU ASS DOWN HERE NOW " I step slowly down stair and I see beer and vodka bottles every where he was drunk " guess what you forgot to get me my beer " " I'm sorry I got lost and so I just came back here " he though I was lying next I know I'm on the ground holding my stomach " that's what u get for lying " " I - I was-s not l-lying " " go to your room bicth " I get up I head strait to my room it's dark and cold Jon ( my step father ) turn off the heat and light source in my room but my sisters have it because I told him if he turns it on at night ill buy him a beer every day. BEEP BEEP it's time for hell I get up and go to get dressed all my clothes are ripped or have holes I brush my teeth and make breakfast then I wake up my sisters and get them dressed once we are we leave I drop them off at there school and keep walking to mine I stop to see if anyone is looking at me then I see her miss popularity AKA the devil she walks up to me " owe look a hobo has come ill give her money but she will most likely spend it on drugs " they think I'm a drug person or whatever because my clothes smell like beer because of Jon nobody knows my story.


A/N heyy I hope u like it it's my first one yay if u hate it then ok I understand if u love it or like it well YAY - little_lover26

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