Ally the 21 yr old is abused by her step father and bullied at school
All she has left is her too sisters and a little bit of hope...
( swearing in it )


8. Accident

Louis 's POV

After that song I sang with Ally I felt I was falling for her all over again, I guess you could call it our song. 

After school Ally's POV

" LOUIS IM GOING OUT " I said while going out the door " K " Louis yelled back I started walking to the near by mall ( I don't have a car yet ) I decited to buy something for the girls so I walked into H & M their favourite store. After that I went to forever 21 I bought a cute agua blue knee length dress and some other things. I finished buying all the things I needed so I started heading home I guess I wasn't looking because the next thing I know I'm on the street ground then every thing went black.

Louis POV 

As I was cooking for the girls I got I phone call ' Mary Anne's hospital ' why is a hospital calling me?

( L= Louis N= nurse )

L- Hello? 

N-hi is this Louis Ally's boyfriend 

L- umm yeah what's wrong 

N - well she got run over by a truck and lost lots of blood and we are asking if there is anyone to donate any 

A tear slips down my eye 

L - I will I' ll be thee in 5 

" GIRLS GET YOUR SHOES ON " then I drive then to their friends house I don't want them to cry. I got to the hospital " Hi where is Ally " " last name " " Bondoure , Ally Bondoure " I say in a hurry "room 501 " " thanks " then I sprint down the hall I see the doctor " are you Louis? "

"Yes um here to donate blood " " ok give me your arm " she put a needle and then the blood starts going into Ally , now she is less pale " do you know any thing about her scars? " said the doctor " umm no " I lied I wanted to ask ally to see if it was ok first, as in cue she woke up " Louis? " she asked " yeah babe I'm here " I said trying to calm her while tubing her palm " what happened?" " a truck ran over you and you broke your arm and a concussion " I said trying to to cry I felt so bad I couldn't save her " owe " suddenly the door opened " owe my god it's you..." 

DunDun Dunnnn who was it I know who it is but you don't guess you have to wait 😏 any ways hope u like it so far my friend  ( username ) Wassup it's Bella Aie is making one called the island and my other friend COOKIELOVER has one called little tradedys go check them out. Bye my little_lover!


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