These poems are a collection of mine that I've been writing for some time now. Comment and I will post more.


1. Crimson Trails

Drip, drop, down it fell
Crimson trails, metallic smell
Sharpest edge, gleams in light
I know where I will be tonight.
Pain rushes through me but I feel numb
Wash the pills down with a mickey of rum

Tick, tock, goes the clock
Reminds me of my nightly walk
Jeans on, put on my sweater
It's warm out tonight but long sleeves are better
No moon light, above only clouds
No one with me, but the voices are loud

“Faster, faster”, the voices say
“Get to the park, so we can play”
Sitting down beside a tree
How much longer will I be?
From my pocket comes my friend
Thin and long with a pointy end
In my arm the needle goes
Close my eyes and darkness shows

Thump... Thump.... Heart rate slowing
Don't care if my wrists are showing
Breath by breath I fade away
Never to see another day
Goodbye to you all, it's been fun
Today, the world had lost another son.

Early morning, mom gets a call
Burst of screams heard down the hall
Thrashing, thrashing, in denial
Oh god it hurts to lose a child
Had no idea, that's the catch
Ignoring the cries only lit the match
Poor little mama makes the trip
Identify the boy with the cold blue lips
Pull down the sheets, he looks asleep
Finally in peace but it didn't come cheap
Hands her the note, the words cause pain
Signed at the bottom is her son's name

He lays in rest, wooden bed
Six feet under he rests his head
Everyone comes out of the blue
Crying out, "if we only knew!"
Mama only thinks, "too young to die."
Little brother knows that it's a lie.

Alone at home, pace the room
When eyes are closed he sees his doom
His idol dead, never found
Only understood when he's in the ground
Sits in his room, he's feeling cold
Hands on the blade, actions bold
Drip drop, down they fell
Second times the charm, if you can tell
Says goodbye, same old note
Written at the bottom, only name he wrote
Three little words seal the deal,
The words are cuts that will never heal.

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