A cold night with a knocking on my door


1. A cold night

It was a cold night, when Death was knocking on my door.

I looked at him, knowing my time had come to pack my things and leave.

But Death only shook on his skinless head, saying: "It is not you, I came for this cold night."
I dropped my bags in missbelief.

"Who then? It can’t be my daughter, she is only twelve!" I said with a voice full with sadness and withdrawal. Death just nodded and walked right through me and into my daughters room. There she lay quite at peace, not knowing what to come.

He took her soul with a tool. A tool with a look oh so grim. I looked at her soul. Oh so beautiful she was, but now Death took his leave with my daughter's soul, only leaveing her lifeless body in my hold. Her cold body that used to be filled with, what should be warmth.
Now I sit here and wait till Death will take my soul.

Because only with you is my life completely.

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