Poem of a Six Year Old

Naruto writes a poem to the world as his last good bye to the village until his return. The village is thrown into chaos until his return.


3. When He's Gone

"Kakashi, report." The grief-racked man said in a broken voice, cracking at the vowels. His red and poofy eyes were still evident on his face. "I want to know everything that you saw."

"Hai, Hokage-sama." The jounin and former AMBU sounded like a three-year-old in need of comfort. "I was going to check on him to see if there were any villagers today. Entering through the window like normal, I saw blue dust fly out the same one. Looking in, there was a puddle of blood on the floor and the poem on his bed. I saw a hand lifting from the paper then transforming into the blue dust, following the trail out the window. Then the blood lifted, changing color, and follow that. I picked up the poem and read it, then I came here and you know the rest." The man had a look of wonder upon his face as he recalled what happened. He had always known the boy was pure but never to this extent. 'His body was transformed to stardust, ready to be taken back to heaven. Even with such a great and powerful demon, he managed never to have his soul tainted by evil. He was better then all of us, never even being able to hate the villagers after they beat him to the point that most would die.

Flash back

It was the second time the dog masked AMBU had his shift to check in on the whiskered blond. Thinking it would be uneventful, like the last time, he didn't rush to his post. That was his first mistake. A shriek came from the direction opposite of his charge, so the scarecrow decided to ignore it and continue on. That was his second mistake. His third, since, as everyone knows that all bad things come in threes, was that, seeing the boys broken and bleeding body, he was unable to identify who all had messed with the blond, too distracted by what was in front of him.


The boy in front of him looked as though he had been tortured by Anko for hours, never giving into the pain.

Blood stained his blond hair, crusting over to hold its place. The right leg was twisted backwards so much that even a untrained civilian would be able to tell that it had completely snapped off of the rest if his body. Parts of the splintered bone glistened in the moonlight, tinted red by the blood pouring out of the fatal wound. The boys eyes were closed with a long gash passing over the left from eyebrow to mouth. Kunai where left in his shoulder, arms, hands, and feet. By the looks of it, the boy was still running with the ones in his feet still present, judging by the was they had been moved around. His shoulder had the newest ones. Most likely the villagers had just thrown those kunai in by the time Kakashi caught up. Clumps of hair lay dying on the now red streets of the alleyway, bits of blond speckling the red.

The AMBU looked up as he heard a call from a turkey vulture, announcing that it was ready for its soon-to-be-dead meal.

Kakashi picked up the broken boy before rushing to the hospital, hoping to save his life.

Flashback end

That was just half a year ago. Obviously Naruto lived through it and not a scare lay on his body by the time the medic-nins were done. Actually, that's not much of a surprise considering that Tsaunade had come to check in with Sarutobi and was immediately sent to the boy when they just walked through the white doors.

After that incident, Kakashi asked to be aloud to watch the boy during any free time he had. And now, right once he came back from a long mission, the boy kills himself. Something had to have happened to make him do this! He always had such a great, monstrous will to live and never give up! How did he break so much as to commit suiside? Why did-

The silver-haired AMBU was cut off by the old man. "We'll have to tell everyone that he has died. Neko!" A AMBU with a red and gold cat mask appeared from the shadows. "Find Tsaunade and tell her of his death. She deserves to know."

"Hai, Hokage-sama." She disappeared the next second to find the legendary gambler.

"Kakashi, don't do anything rash, okay?" His voice was stronger, only a small quiver audible.

"Hai, Hokage-sama." Kakashi's was completely the opposite, barely being able to make out that much sound. He drifted out of the door, giving off the presence of a lost and lonely ghost.

"Kakashi, I will announce his death to everyone tomorrow, alright? You have the next two weeks off." Though the man sounded in charge, he was very worried for the masked man. 'He has lost so much and the one thing helping to bring him back just died, not good.' The samadain Hokage was only able to sigh, knowing there was nothing he could do to help.

The next few weeks passed, weeks turning into months, months turning into years. The village and it's inhabitants lost their joy during this time. Even though many celebrated the death of the 'demon' they stopped after a week passed. Kakashi took more missions during this period, wanting to get away from the village and the memories it held. People no-longer heard shouting from the Hokage tower about too much paperwork or people giving chase to Konoha's greatest prankster. The people at Ichiraku stopped making miso ramen since it reminded them too much of a certain blond. Tsaunade was even harder to find than before since she was always moving as to never give her enough time to think about all of her loved ones. The colors in Konoha all looked dimmer and the people felt like walking zombies and, though no one would admit to it, everyone missed the whiskered ball of sunshine and joy.

That is, until October tenth, seven years later when a blond walked into the village.

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