Poem of a Six Year Old

Naruto writes a poem to the world as his last good bye to the village until his return. The village is thrown into chaos until his return.


9. The Team

"DING DING DING! DING DING DING! DING DING DING! DIN- SMASH! STUPID ALARM CLOCK! WAKING ME UP!" Naruto, if you couldn't tell, hates being woken up. His alarm clock *dinged* for the last time that day, smashed to pieces by a tanned fist. "Dang it! Now I have to buy a new one! It's the fourth this week! Maybe the next one I could put a seal on to stop it from getting destroyed…" Falling deep into thought about how to improve his clocks as not to brake with one hit, he walked into the third Hokage's kitchen and sat down at the counter. "Dang… it's time to meet with the group. A banshee, an Emo, and some cyclopes. I pity the person that was on their team before me. 'Might even be happy he died…


"Naruto, time to get up! You have to meet with your teammates today! It's already six!" This was the ANBU from yesterday shouting up to him since the ex-Hokage didn't know what was going on.

"Dangit.. maybe I should get an alarm clock? Can't have some random person coming to wake me up each morning." He got up out of the bed and walked over to his closet. Picking out a orange jump suit that the old man just happened to keep, he put it on. "BE DOWN IN A MINUTE!" He shouted back. Hearing a grunt in response, he went to the bathroom to try unsuccessfully to get a comb through his blond hair. After finally managing to get the brush into his disobedient hair, he sprinted down the stairs to see a waiting ANBU. "Done." He called out. "Where should I go?"

"Training ground 7. I'm supposed to lead you there and make sure you don't get into any trouble. Now try to keep up." She walked to the door before moving into a jog. Though she didn't see it, Naruto grinned his famous Fox Grin (Yes, that's now a thing!). He followed her with a 'slow' jog, gaining on her and then surpassing her. Taking this as a challenge, the ANBU began to run after him and thus the race to training ground 7 began. The only problem was they ended up at the gates of Area 44, AKA the Forest of Death. Naruto sent an annoyed look at his guide for getting them to the wrong place before sighing and trying to find his own way.

It didn't take long.

Naruto heard a banchi screech about something like 'Sasuke-kun! Will you go out with me?! That baka's dead so he can't get in my way or yours! Please go out with me! (Is this good? I wanted to try something where Sakura's kinda mean, so I'm new at this…)' It only took a few seconds for Naruto to comprehend how she said the 'baka' died, meaning that it might be one of his new team-mates. He groaned at the thought. 'Ugh, might as well check it out. If they are, damn it. If they aren't, well, no harm in trying!' And so, he speed off to the source of the skreech.

One Hour Later

'Kill me now. I beg of you Kami-sama! Anything to get away from this banshee!' Naruto yelled to the heavens in his mind as, outside of his mind, a pink haired girl screeched to a emo-teme and the teacher was no-where to be found. The only blond on the team contemplated whether or not to commit suicide or just knock himself unconscious. Luckily for him, he didn't have the chance to do either before some silver haired guy showed up with the famous orange book, 'Icha Icha Paradise'. The man was semi-tall with a lower-face mask and his hitai-ate covering his left eye. Glancing up, he eye-smiled at the new member of his team. Pinkie screamed 'YOU'RE LATE!' at the new-comer and he just made up some stupid excuse. Naruto wasn't paying that much attention as he was observing the man. 'ANBU? Why is he teaching genin? His chakra signature is the same as that one I had met yesterday. The caption, I think… weird.'


'It would be nice to be trained by an ANBU captain though. That is, if he's good enough to teach me.'


'Should I ask him? Ya.'


"Huh? Oh! Hello ANBU-san! Do you mind training me?" Naruto had a pleasant smile on face, not to big, nor too small. The rest of his newly appointed team just blinked at him before the genin turned towards their captain. Pinky was the one to start screaming at him, obviously.

"ANBU! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US! AND HOW DID THIS BAKA KNOW BEFORE WE DID! ANSWER ME KAKASHI-SENSEI! YOU COULD HAVE TRAINED SASUKE BETTER AND HE WOULD HAVE PASSED THE CHUNIN EXAMS IF YOU HAD!" As that went on, the others looked at each other, getting to know one another and tuning out the kunoichi.

After about a minute of seizing the others up, Naruto finally greeted them. "HI! My name's Uzumaki Naruto! What's your's?" One person just grunted in response as the other eye-smiled.

"Maybe we should introduce ourselves, huh? Well, I guess that I'll start! My name is Hatake Kakashi. I have many hobbies. I don't think I have a dream for the future, and I have no desire to tell you guys about my likes and dislikes. Alright! Sasuke, you're next!"

"Hn. I dont want to." He turned away, walking to a tree and walking up it. As he did this, he had an air of superiority and 'look up to me, I'm better then you' going on. 'Is he trying to impress me? Well, it's not working. I was able to do that when I was four in this lifetime. Ten if you count the last one. Maybe he won't be so annoying if I ignore him? Well, I guess it's worth a shot!'

"Naruto." The cyclopes said, maybe one of the many before as he tried to get his new student out of his thoughts and back into reality. "How about you introduce yourself?" The man suggested. With a nod of 'okay', the boy started.

"As you know, my name is Uzumaki Naruto. I was a resident of this village at one time but had to leave due to certain circumstances. I am not weak in any way, shape, or form, so dont try to double cross me unless you want to die." He turned towards the silver-haired man. "I believe you can confirm that Sensei. I like almost everything and hate very few things. My main dream for the future is to change this village into something better where anyone can relax and not have to fear for their lives. I also have many hobbies but the main ones that come to mind are training, cooking, and finjutsu. One more thing, I have a challenge for you all. Try to figure something out about me. If you can, I'll grant one hope, dream, wish, or anything else that is within my power to do. Just remember, everyone that i have met has called me the 'enigma within a maze of enigmas'. I'm truly not kidding about that. Now, you can start…. wait for it….. NOW!

End flashback

'Wow, now that I think about it, I shouldn't have issued that challenge. Quite often I've seen both Sasuke and Sakura following me wherever I went and it's getting somewhat freaky. I also know that Kakashi has, but I never see his hair out of the corner of my eye when I'm eating breakfast or something like right now. Yes, I did mean right now. There's a duck tail shaped thing coming out from behind my door. It's sad to watch that he, the so called 'best of the year' rookie, is this easy to spot. That konohamaru kid was harder, and he had a square box with eye holes. I never would have thought that a genin that has been trained by an ANBU captain for a year could be this terrible! It's just UNTHINKABLE!' I sigh. 'Just a little longer. You only have to figure out how strong that old guy is. Then you can leave this team and take over as Hokage.' I sigh again. 'We really need better training in Konoha. This is just too sad to watch.' My eyes were cast down ward to my food, determined to forget about the disturbing thoughts of being watched so often. This is going to be a looooong wait.

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