Poem of a Six Year Old

Naruto writes a poem to the world as his last good bye to the village until his return. The village is thrown into chaos until his return.


6. The ANBU

'Huh, so it really was a genjutsu… Well then, I guess that i won't have to beat Jiji to a bloody pulp any time soon. That's comforting…' Out loud he said, "Well then Jiji, guess everything's okay now, but i should still tell you what has been happening to Konoha."

"What? Isn't it still the same as normal?" The old man still was confused about being under a genjutsu… this may just be a little difficult.

"Here, Ill tell you what I know. What's-his-face, D-something has taken over. This has been going on for some time, probably a few years considering that you quit after I suposably 'died'. Everyone in Konoha has now been trained as ninja and if you didn't want to then you were either forced out of the village or killed if you could be considered a treat in the future. Most people are afraid to leave their homes or shops due to the fact that AMBU are clearly seen anywhere you go, scaring the pee out of everyone that doesn't expect them. If somebody is too loud then you will get yelled at and maybe even taken to jail judging by how that person at the one stand acted. Everyone is wearing a ninja uniform and there were no kids running around that I could see, which is weird, even in these conditions. Oh ya, also, everyone seems to hate you for abandoning them and allowing that D-person to do this so… good luck surviving the villagers." The Old Guy just stared, wide eyed and open mouthed.

"This is what has happened? What have I done… what have you done Donzo? Have we forsaken the village by our complete and utter selfishness?" He turned to Naruto after this talk with himself, or the sky, or whatever he was talking to. "Will you help me take back the village? I am sure that some are still loyal to me, even after all that I have done." The man had achieved a fierceness in his gaze that seemed to have disappeared long ago. He was ready to take back his village and destroy anyone that stood in his way. Once again he was acting like the Hokage that he once was and ready to lead a rebellion against the one that has wronged his village so much while leaving him under the impression that all was fine around him.

"Of course! This still is my village, even if I had left it to be reborn! Hey! This reminds me, can I be an ninja? Technically, I am 13, not 7, and should be able to take the test to become a genin! So will you let me?" The old man just stared at him before talking

"Naruto, remember, I am not the Hokage anymore, I don't have that power to let you take the test."

"Oh, ya, right… oh well! How 'bout I help you take back the village and then take the exams! Hows that sound?" The man chuckled at Narutos antics.

"Fine, fine. You'll be a gennin by the time the rebellion is over. Happy?"

"YEP!" Another bystander walked past and 'shushed the blond 7-year-old. "NO! WHY SHOULD I?! THIS VILLAGE IS GONNA CHANGE AND I'LL BE THE ONE TO FORCE IT TO! DATTEBANE!"

"SHUT UP YA STUPID KID! NO ONE CARES!" That was when some more ANBU came to take the man away. He started yelling about how the only reason that he was yelling was because that 'little kid' wouldn't stop his yelling. The ANBU turned to Naruto.

"Is this true brat?"


"Hey brat, you should probably shut your trap unless you want to take a trip to the Hokage. Got that?" It was the purple haired ANBU from before (the paragraph one above) saying this, her hair fanning out at the top, immediately drawing Naruto's attention to it, and you never what his attention on you… ever.

"HEY LADY! YOUR HAIR LOOKS FUNNY!" From there, the blond continued to jump onto her, knocking her down, and playing with the fan-shaped hair. She tried to knock him off but it seemed as though an invisible force was holding her down, not allowing her to move.

"GET THIS KID OFF OF ME!" She screamed. The other ANBU in her unit made a move forwards to help their teammate out of the situation only to be forced back by the same invisible force with the 7-year-old looking angrily at them.

"Stop." The blonds voice was cold and had an undeniable menace in its tone. "I want to play with the lady's hair." Nearly everybody in the room peed their pants at this statement, the rest were surprised by how he could sound so menacing while saying something so kiddish. "Now," his voice was the playful little kid voice they had been expecting from him. "Her hair looks better to me so take me to this D-person!" They all looked at the purple- used to be fan shaped- hair with surprise. This boy, a seven year old, was able to tame the so-called 'untamable' hair. The hair tie was still in it but was now looser and lower to the back. Hair that would stick out in any direction no matter what was now wavy and beautiful, losing its fierce nature after submitting to this newly deemed god-like boy.

"How?" One was finally able to whisper. "The hair… impossible."

"What?" The ANBU with the now calmed hair said, panicky. "What did the brat do? Is it gone? TELL ME YOU MAGOTS!" One took out a mirror that was normally used to look into another room without being seen and held it in front of their comrade. "My hair…. YES! THANK YOU YA LITTLE BRAT!" The ANBU began giving her savior a nuggy (is that how you spell it?) before pushing him away. "Sorry brat, but we still have to bring you to the Hokage of this village."

"Okay! I got tired of dealing with Jiji anyways… plus I asked for that awhile ago but no one was listening to me… more focused on the stupid hair that is way easier to tame then mine… what's the big deal about that anyways! its just hair!" He started mumbling to himself when he got to his annoyance with hair but other then that, he was talking directly to the now surprised ANBU. Naruto began to wonder what was wrong with them if a 7- technically 13- year old was able to make them gauke with their hidden mouths dropped and barely visible eyes widened beyond belief. "... Well, gonna take me or what? Do ya just want to tell be the directions? That could work and then I wouldn't have to deal with you… *pause* Hey, Jiji? Do you know where the current Hokage is? These guy's aren't talking…."

"Yes Naruto, of course I know and so do you. Remember the tower that you always had to go to just to find me? That's the Hokage tower. Understand? Just go there."

"Thanks Jiji! Seeya later! Oh ya, you should make sure that they" he motioned to the ANBU "are okay or not. JA!" The kid disappeared faster than anyone could believe his tiny body could move, surviving to confuse the already thoroughly dumbfounded people even more. It was a full two minutes before the first could speak.

"Fun kid… things are gonna change around here, right Tenzo?"

"Yes. And I think that they will, and for the better."

"Anko, Tenzo, lets go. We need to make sure the kid get's there safely and that that's where he's actually headed."

"Hai, Kakashi." Anko was the only one to continue talking. "When we catch up to him, help me decide on weather to kill him or thank him, maybe to just beat the brat up for jumping on me and then thank him again for his help."

"Ya ya, just wait until he's talked to Danzo-sama to talk with him first if you decide to kill him."

"Hai." She sounded a little depressed at the thought of waiting before falling deep into thought about what she would do.

"Good, now let's go." and with that, the ANBU team were off, racing to catch up with a curtain blond fuzzball of joy. Well, save Kakashi who asked the former Hokage a two word question "Usumaki Naruto?"

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