Poem of a Six Year Old

Naruto writes a poem to the world as his last good bye to the village until his return. The village is thrown into chaos until his return.


8. 'Scary' Pets

'So.. Starting out as a gennin even though I was able to take out that AMBU… This team had better be good or I'll quit!' Our favorite little blond seven-lookin year-old though, walking down the street to a specific ramen shop he remembered from when he was in the village all those years ago. He assumed that, since they had the best ramen in the shinobi nation, they couldn't have closed shop. Not even in these hard times.

"Hey! Kid! What do you think that you're doing out here? Get back to your house brat. It's no time for a gaki like you to be out." The boy looked up at the source of the voice. A very intelligent answer fell from his mouth.

"Eh?" The man sweatdropped.

"Its past bed time kid, get home. This is when all the evils are out and ninja let out their pets. If a pet finds you," the man drew a finger over his throat. "you die. Got that?" Without waiting for an answer, he left the boy to his own thoughts.

'Their 'pets'? This wasn't how it had been before… people were out at all hours of the day and the night! But then again, if someone has to stay inside at these times, the 'pets' must be scary! I wonder what they look like…' He jumped to the roof of the nearest building, landing in a crouched position to wait for the scary 'pets' of the ninja. Wondering what they look like, the boy let his mind wander to all of the possibilities. A skeleton version of his former tenant popped into his mind. It roared in his face before disappearing with the blond thinking about how cute it looked. With its retreat, a zombified slug made its own appearance, grossing the boy out but having no success in scaring him. Then the image of a snake looking guy appered, hissing in his face and neck elongating to bite his neck. With the thought, 'weirdo' from the blue eyed boy, he vanished with a hiss.

With Orochimaru

"Dang brat! I almost had him! That kid would have made a strong vessel for me, stronger then the Uchiha." The snake man called to his loyal servant. "Kabuto! I Want you to befriend the boy and learn his secrets to getting me out of his mind. NOW!"

"Yes Orochimaru-sama, I will report back to you in one week." The silver-haired man disappeared into the night, following the blond ex-jinchuuriki.

Back to the favorite person

'Where the heck are the scary monsters?! All I see are dogs, snakes, globs smelling of acid, and cats! All of them are too cute to be scary! Stupid villager and his misleading words. Well, maybe they're strong and hard to fight? Like, cats are really fast, dogs are strong, snakes are flexible, and the globs… well… I don't know about them. Huh, well, I'll go check them out to find their strengths and weaknesses!' He jumped down from the roof, landing right in front of his target. "Yo. Wanna fight me?" Expecting an answerer, the blond waited. And waited. And waited even more. Finally, after a minute, he sweatdropped. Then the blob pounced.

With surprising speed, it moved from the spot it was standing to seven feet behind its target. Belly swelling, he released a powerful odor from his gut in the direction of the blond child. Pumping his gut full of another attack, he shot forwards at the boy ending just a foot from him. The gas reaching just in time to make the boy dubble over to avoid it and and place his head right in the line of fire for the things next attack, acid. Punching his own stomach, the acid ball flew out of him and onto the blond head of hair, getting to work on the strands. Naruto's nose wrinkled at the smell before he stood up.

Eyes dark, he said one thing. "Enough." All of a sudden, the gunk on his hair was thrown off and him gone the next second. He was seen by a lown cat seven miles away at the next second and, just one more after that, a smoke cloud was seen where the glob formerly stood, acid rain scattering the pavement and buildings. Civilians looked out their windows to the mushroom cloud that had formed in the sky while a squad of ninja were sent out to find the perpetrator. A purple haired ANBU, one that had watched the encounter from the start, stared open mouthed at the scene that had just played out in front of her own two eyes. A smile opened her lips as one single phrase fell from them, "Impressive gaki, impressive."

Back to the blond

"Hey, dad, what just happened there?" A blond haired girl asked, looking at her father.

"I dont know Ino, but ill tell you when I do." Inochi left the house, heading to the Hokage's tower.

Wrong blonds.. hehe. now to Naruto

"Jiji! Where are you?" The blue-eyed blond stood inside the apartment where he had first seen the ex-Hokage last. The door had been left unlocked so he decided to let himself in (that's what he'll tell others at least). Sitting at the counter, he waited for a minute before walking up the steps to the bedrooms. Growing close to one door, he gripped the handle and pulled. The door opened and he stepped in to find the old man sleeping on the bed. Naruto smiled and closed the door before entering another room, this time empty, and laying on the bed. Feeling the decorative green colored sheets, he lifted the layers up and slipped underneath. A feeling of warmth enveloped him as he closed his eyes, entering the world of dreams.

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