Poem of a Six Year Old

Naruto writes a poem to the world as his last good bye to the village until his return. The village is thrown into chaos until his return.


5. ReBirth

"How? You died seven years ago and yet you look a year older! What happened!" The boy rubbed the back of his head again.

"Well, ya see..."

Flash back

"Hey, kit, are you really sure that you want to stay? If this gets much worse..."

"Ya ya nii-san. I know. If it gets much worse than you won't be able to heal me. If you can't heal me then I die. You've told me hundreds of times!" The little blond boy was annoyed with the same chat over and over but was glad that someone was concerned for him.

"Here, I have an idea. There is a way that, if the gods approve, you will be allowed to be reborn yet still know everything up till this point. After that you can come back or not, it's up to you. But also remember that if they don't like you then you just die, never to rejoin the cycle of life. It is your choice."

"Can I give my answer later? I don't know yet or even if there is even a remotely possible chance of me getting this privilege." The blond was semi-consurned about what would happen if he actually died.

"If course kit. Just know that I wouldn't tell you this if I didn't think you could." The fix wrapped his tail around the boy very affectionately. "I mean, you have to be if you can make even a demon love you." The boy smiled happily at the word love.

"Hehe.. Ya.. I guess so! So, do you think that I should? I will if you say yes"

"Ya, you deserve it."

"Okay then. What do I do. Besides, wont the villagers be happy that their 'demon' is 'dead'?"

Time skip

"Circle, blood, look, chakra, time, place, and outfit." The six-year-old checked off the things needed to complete the ritual. "That's the last thing... I won't be here for a while I guess. I'll get the poem for Jiji to read, then we can go."

"Alright then. And, one more thing."

"What's that?" The demon grinned.

"Happy birthday." Happy tears fell from the blonds eyes.

"Arigatō." He whispered before setting down the poem and getting pulled up to the heavens.

End flashback

"They decided that I was worthy and that was it, I was sent back down on the same day and ended up in a forest with the body of a newborn... that was kinda weird but oh well! Can't do anything about it now! Anyways, the real reason that I'm here is to figure out why you stopped being Hokage and stopped caring about what was happening in the village!" The boy was fuming. To him it didn't matter that they had treated him so badly, they were still just human.

"What do you mean?"

"How can you say that? People are afraid to leave their shops in fear of getting caught about bit being trained! This Donzo guy has turned Konoha into a military base and you don't even know?!"

"Naruto, everything and everyone is at peace. I don't know what you talking about."

'Huh, he really doesn't know.. Could it be a genjutsu?' "Kai!" He shouted as he released a large amount of chakra. "Any difference?" He looked towards the old man who was currently staring out the window, gawking.

"What's happened here?"

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