Poem of a Six Year Old

Naruto writes a poem to the world as his last good bye to the village until his return. The village is thrown into chaos until his return.


10. Favorites

Training grounds the next day

"Well, I think we should get to know each others strengths and weaknesses, don't you think Naruto?" 'Sensei' eye smiled at me. Well, if this was a normal team, then yes. But it isn't. For one, I'm going to over through the Hokage and take over at the age of 7, there's a fangirl on the team, we have an ANBU captain as our sensei, and the 'top of his class' is useless. The fangirl won't have much power to offer, not a chance will 'sensei' show his full power, and Duck-butt will do his best to impress everyone, but won't. Hey, I forgot to mention me! Well, there aren't any weaknesses I know about other than my size, but that doesn't even matter much since I was able to out-run the ANBU and scary/fun lady (Anko). Hey, that reminds me, shouldn't this guy already know I'm strong? He did see me block everyone from interrupting me that one time… Maybe he wants to know all of my skill?' I was drawn out of my pondering by a voice shrieking through the air.

"NARUTO-BAKA! KAKASHI-SENSEI ASKED YOU A QUESTION!" Refraining from putting my hands to my ears to heal them and instead just sending healing chakra up, and turned towards Kakashi and spoke.

"Do we have to?" Everyone- minus Sasuke, he didn't hear- deadpanned (sp?). Kakashi then laughed nervously and Sakura drew back her arm to punch him. Before she could, however, Kakashi began talking again.

"Yes, you do. Even if you think you will be fine, think about your team-mates and how they will be if either doesn't know your strengths. It would put us all at a disadvantage." I sighed. What should i show them then? Just chakra control and one defencive move that Kakashi already knows about? Ya, that should do it.

"Alright. I can do water walking, tree walking, and the leaf hovering technique as well as a time slowing barrier called Time Manipulation: Stop Movement. What?" Everyone was looking at him. Sakura with her jaw dropped, Kakashi's eye widened visibly and Sasuke was being his arrogant self, deciding to get that power for himself. Naruto coughed to break the silence. This snapped everyone out of their surprise.

"Well then… It's good to know we have another strong genin on our team! Right guys?" The man had a look of distaste in his single seen eye as he looked towards the other genin. Naruto took this as they weren't strong… at all. Sakura scoffed.

"We only need one person on this team to make it strong! Sasuke-kun's the best there is! This baka doesn't need to be here!" Sasuke just 'hn'ed at her talking. Kakashi still looked irritated at her, maybe more than before.

"Umm, should we practice? If we don't, everyone will die on a mission in the future. Right sensei?" Kakashi did his famous eye smile at that. At least one person on the team was smart.

"That's right Naruto-kun! Lets put you up against Sasuke here to see where you're at in taijutsu." They walked over to the center of the clearing. "The rules are; Taijutsu only, no killing blows, and if one person yields, you stop your attack. Understood?" At the sound of a 'Hai!' and a 'Hn', he shouted "START!" The two flew at each other. Sasuke had an arm pulled back while Naruto had his arms held up to block instead of attack. When they were within a foot of each other, Sasuke struck. One fist made it's way to Naruto's gut but only hit air. Naruto appeared behind the raven and chopped his neck once. The boy was out cold.

Sakura stared at the blond in surprise before it turned into anger and her face went red. Kakashi looked in satisfaction at how easily the boy was knocked out, thinking this would make him train more and have less of a superiority complex. Then again, he is an Uchiha. None the less, he went up to congratulate the victor.

"Well, Naruto," He started before being interrupted by a yawn.

"Eh? What were you saying sensei?" The blond had his hand up next to his mouth and big blue eyes staring up, filled with so much innocence the elder man just wanted to hug him, squealing like a fangirl. 'No Kakashi, bad thoughts. He's your student. Don't go that way.' The expectant eyes continued to look into his as he got lost in their depths before being pulled out by a moan of awakening from one of his other students. Silently thanking him, the silver haired man walked over to Sasuke, talking to the blond as he went.

"I was just going to say that how you fought was impressive. You didn't have any flashy moves or wasted movement like most genin have. You were short and precise, getting what needed to be done done. Also, you managed to do this without hurting your opponent in any way." Naruto had a face splitting grin on his, well, face after Kakashi's praise and some stars in his eyes. Kakashi, loving the attention, quickly decided this was his favorite student and that he would actually take the time to train him instead of just sending him on missions like he did before with the team. Sadly, the moment didn't last long as the loudest of the team interrupted, talking about how awesome 'Sasuke-kun' was and how Naruto 'just got lucky' instead of the truth. He looked towards the girl for just a moment before tuning her out once again. 'I wish I had a new team. With Naruto-kun in it, of course.

Time Skip- mission; Kakashi's POV

Wow, we just got a B-rank! No one even had to beg for this one, though no one would anyway. Danzo's to scary to do that to… or near. I guess it's because of Naru-chan. We haven't had a D-rank since he's joined us. The main question I have is about how he has always used those moves on missions that he told us about before and never any others. I know he was lying when he said that was all he knew! I just have to find a way to get him to open up to me. That challenge he issued the entire team isn't as easy as it would sound. He doesn't do anything out of the ordinary accept act like a normal kid would before Donzo came into rule. I must say, that is pretty impressive. Oh, What Am I Going To Do! (Caps just seemed like too much)'

Normal POV

Donzo handed the mission scroll to his most trusted genin, Naruto. Naruto has quickly climbed up the ranks and gained the Hokage's trust while plotting his downfall. Of course, no one needed to know this information. Smiling like he always did when in the presence of anyone- even if they are trying to hide their presence like Kakashi does- he took the scroll and moved back to his team. The two genin looked at him in envy for being so trusted by the Hokage to actually get close to him while Kakashi was lost in thought.

"You will be expected to complete the mission in exactly one week, no more and no excuses." The fifth Hokage commanded. With a 'Hai!' from all of team 7, they left quickly and headed to the gates. Under Donzos rule, a shinobi always had to be ready to go, meaning they had to carry around the packs that they normally would for a mission, just everywhere with no exceptions. This will help to get the missions done faster and more efficiently.

"Naruto, can I see the scroll?" Kakashi questioned, though it sounded more like a command.

"Sure Kaka-sensei!" The blond tossed over the mission scroll to Kakashi, still moving at the same pace to the front gates of Konohagakure. Kakashi looked it over, still running, before putting it into his own pocket. It was actually a pretty boring mission. Go here, assassinate him, steal this, deliver that, return. The only difficult part was that the person they were sent to assassinate- Gato- had a lot of money and a lot of followers. That and he might of hired some troublesome shinobi… well, if worst comes to worst, he was there to save the day.

"Kaka~sensei! Stop daydreaming!" Kakashi looked up at his favorite student for a second before eye smiling.

"Don't worry Naru-chan. We'll get there in good time! Besides, this mission doesn't seem to hard, so there's no rush." Naruto let out a *huff* before smiling again.

"But it is Kaka-sensei! Believe it!" Kakashi noted the foreshadowing sentence and placed it in his memory. Seeing the pinkette look scared, he reassured her, thinking the entire time about how she shouldn't be a ninja.

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