Poem of a Six Year Old

Naruto writes a poem to the world as his last good bye to the village until his return. The village is thrown into chaos until his return.


2. Breaking Down


"Yes dog, what is it?" The old man looked up from his orange book, Icha Icha Paradise. He set it down when he saw Kakashi without his AMBU mask and having an abnormal serious look on his tear-streaked face. He spoke, completely serious. "What happened Hataki." A slip of paper was thrust into the elders face.

"Read this." The Hokage began, seeming to age years as he read through the entire poem. He began to look his age instead of how he acts.

"No..." he broke off, a choked sob escaping. "Naruto, you couldn't..." By this time, tears were streaming down his aged face, something few had ever seen, and yet, Kakashi was unable to notice anything but the pain he was feeling in his chest. 'Naruto. Dead. Disappeared. Sencei, I failed you. We can even hold a funeral. Dang it!'

"Hey, sencei, bad new- what's wrong?" An old man with long, white hair and warts on his face came busting through the door. He paused, looking around before racing to the even older man's side. "Hey, what happened? And why is Kakashi of the sharingan look so lifeless? He isn't even worshiping me." The only response he received was a finger being pointed to the poem on the Hokage's desk. Jiraiya man picked it up and started reading. His eyes grew in size, getting wider and wider. "No way. Not him. Why? He's so... Not possible! I won't believe this! NO!" And with that, he stormed out of the room, his recently irrelevant information on the Akatski forgotten.

"Why did I have to leave the kid? I was suppost to become his gardian, the one he looks up to and protects him! How did it all go so wrong? I will never be able to make up for this mistake... the mistake that cost a young boy his life! What have I done? Am I really worthy to be called a Sannin? All i do is write porn... all I am is a failure." The man left, drowing in his misury, back to the place he has called home for the past six years. Never to be seen in the village for as long as possible.

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