Poem of a Six Year Old

Naruto writes a poem to the world as his last good bye to the village until his return. The village is thrown into chaos until his return.


4. And He's Back!

"Wow... What's up with this place? Hey, old man?" The newly arrived boy said as he walked into an open shop. "Whys this place so dead?"

"The death of someone precious to us. It happened years ago but most have never recovered. He was our sun and with his death, he took the light. The Hokage retired and Donzo took his place, turning this into a ninja village instead, so that there were no civilians. Everyone here has been trained to be a ninja and if you refused the training, you were either kicked out or killed. This village used to be full of life and chatter, now listen. Not even animals dare to talk under his rule." The old guy was right. You know how when there's silence you start hearing crickets? Well, not even those sounded.

"Wow old man... maybe I can take him down for you." The boy had a confident grin on his face as though he already knew the outcome and was just smiling at the sight of his victory.

"NO!" Shouted the old guy. At the look if a person passing by the booth, he lowered his voice to a whisper. "You can't! If you try, you will never come out yourself! He'll take over your mind or your body, please don't go!" The man continued pleading with the newcomer while he just looked around bored, ignoring the guy.

'Wow... to think this place ended up so terrible after I left.. oh well! Now that I'm back I can fix everything! Starting with this Donzo guy... wonder if he's really that bad.' "Hey, old guy! Where's the last Hokage? Still alive or not?"

"He's alive alright, but hasn't done anything to help us! It's like he's given up!" The man was fuming, going on and on about how the last leader was siting back and doing nothing to help.

"Where is he?" The blinds voice grew hard, not liking how this man was talking about the Hokage and not liking what this Donzo person was doing.

"The apartment complex G7, you'll have to ask which room." The man answered this quickly, noticing the look in this strangers eye. The guy replied with a thanks before walking away.

At the apartment

Sarutobi walked to the door at the sound if knocking. "Coming!" He then opened the solid oak door, gasping at what he saw, or, more like, who he saw.

In front of him stood a purely blond, whiskered, semi-short seven year old with sun kissed skin. The blond looked up at him with indescribable blue eyes and a full smile, showing an unbearably bright light and pearl white teeth.

"Hey Jiji! I'm baaack!" The vision talked. It taunted him, making him hope for something impossible. At the same time, there was a curtain bliss coming with this particular vision, making it different then the rest... sweeter. And all the more cruel. It will disappear in time and leave him all the more broken. What god decided he deserved this kind if punishment in the first place? What had he done in a past life to make this happen?

"Jiji? Heeeelloooooo? *pause* You alive? Ojii-san?" He got up really close to the old guys ear.

"HEEEEEEY! WAKE UP OLD MAN!" Everyone in the village winced, covering their ears and remembering the kid they had pushed out. He was the only person able to scream like that.

"Gah! Naruto! Don't yell in my ear! I can hear you perfectly fine if you talk normally!"

"Ah! Finally back, huh? Glad you recognize me after seven years! That could have been a problem..." The now known Naruto looked up, rubbing the back of his head in an imbearest manor.

"Wait... Back up... Naruto?" The blond showed a fox-like grin, eyes twinkling with mischief.

"The one and only!"

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