Team of Monsters

This is a Naruto fan fic where he travels to find new team-mates. The are Called the monster team by both friend and foe. Superstitious!Strong!Naruto


2. The Compound

"Should we just walk in?" Presently, we were standing in front if the massive tower. We already walked the entire perimeter and found only one enterence. There was also many windows towards the top, but I don't want to climb all that way.

"No. Let's wait for someone to come out, then attack them. We don't know what that building holds or if they're friendly. Naruto? NARUTO!" Ya, I left around when he said no. Or maybe it was wait? Doesn't mater. I already went in.

It looked like a sewer. Or maybe a dungeon. Anyways, it looks dusty, bleak, and wet. The weirdest part was that people are living here. How do I know? Sound. You can hear their screams echo off the walls. I don't care if the person we came for isn't here, I'll still help all or these people.

Twirling my wind chakra around my, I felt myself being pushed off of the ground and into the air, zooming past all of the levels until I reach the top. I decided to work my way down, free some and have them free others on their way out. The first person I came across is a black-haired, pale guy with scars everywhere on his face. He looks like he wants to kill me, but I'll still let him out.

And free him I have done, only to be pushed back into a wall as a form of thanks.

"Ya know, when someone frees you, say thanks or else this will happen." One second he had me at the wall, the next he was back in his cell with a collar around his neck. "Do you understand now? Good." With that, I let him out once again, giving him a set of keys and saying to free everyone possible.

The process repeated itself many times before the top-level was empty, but at least I didn't have to deal with the next floors as much, or at least that's the plan.

"Naruto." Oh ya, I forgot about Kimi!

"Hi. Didn't it take you forever?" I had to pause. Someone was coming... Someone dangerous and perfect. Hopefully he has something orange or grey showing on him. I don't want to search another desert. There big and hot and I can't find and ramen anywhere!

"If the next person I see is a girl, I'll kill her. Just wait girl. Your dead. But girls are weaker than men so maybe a boy. Yes. A male will die next. He will be my next victim." And just after he said THAT pleasant sentence, he rounded the corner. Seeing, that's right, ME! "Your dead!" And with that, there was a monster lunging towards me, full speed. I just laughed. This was the person we were looking for! Right before he turned into the DEAD GREY monster, he had ORANGE hair! Perfect! I like him already.

"Naruto, watch." Oh ya! He's trying to kill me! How could I forget.

I brought my wind swirling I'm front of me as a defense just before he crashed into it, clawing at the invisible wall making me laugh once again. This guy is great! I grinned predatoraly. My nails grew as I sent chakra into them, elongating the once short nails into claws.

My poor future teammate didn't even notice in his state, so of course he didn't understand that there was no chance for him. All I have to do is place my nails into his skin and suck out some of his chakra, bringing him back into his natural state. And that is exactly what I will do.

Once they entered, he screamed. This can be a very painful process for people that aren't use to it, but they never are.

Grinning, I slowly withdrew them- the red head was already on the ground, passed out- and brought my nails to there original length. Finally, we have our new teammate and all he tried to do was kill me. Now that I think about it, what will he do when he wakes up? Well, let's just figure that out when we come to it. Now I have to go check on the prisoners progress in escape.

"Let's go Kimi! You get to carry orange hair! See ya at the bottom!" Laughing, I began sprinting, top speed, to the stairs.

The second level was almost as bad as the first accept there were less prisoners and less torture devises, but there was still blood everywhere and what looked to be an arena for fighting. Well, enough details about what it looks like, now onto smell. It is sewer mixed with graveyard mixed with fear. Yes fear does have a smell, it's just hard to find. It's a very faint smell but when there is a lot of it, it's like sweat, blood, body oder, and fire all mixed together into one giant mess of fear. It's completely and utterly disgusting.

Only about ten people were left on this level- probably the more disliked of them all- but they were still trapped and that is not aloud. Opening on gate, I expected someone to jump out at me but they all just sat there, unmoving.

"Hello? Come on out! Your free! Ummmm, are you coming?" They all just stared at me like I was a meal, but made no move forwards. Well, this is new. "That's fine... I'll just leave this door open for you... Come out when ever you want I guess. Well, ya. Bye." Creepy people. Just sitting there, staring at me like zombies that can't move. Weird... On to the next level! And so it continued. I open cells, some attack me, some just sit there. Only one time was I thanked, and that was by the only girl they had there! Then again, she punched, thanked, kissed, then walked away like nothing happened. That was when I decided that everyone here was mental.


"Well, now your out." Standing In front of me was a brown haired girl with tattoos all over her face. She had tanned skin but the kind that us generic and hasn't been out in the sun for some time. If I had to guess, I'd say a full year, give or take a month depending on how tan she was before. The girl just smiled, walking closer to me, and placing her hand into my shoulder. I grinned back brightly at her, closing my eyes for a second.

At one second I was showing a closed eye smile, the next there was a fist coming at my face. I opened my eyes just before it hit, but only had time to prepare for the hit, not block it.


And there was the contact. This girl is able to punch hard! I scowled slightly before blinking as the hand on my shoulder made its way to my neck, pulling it towards her face. Expecting another hit, I braced only for the strange girl to say a thank you and crash her lips onto mine. Startled, I pulled back and she started walking to the stairs.

"Wait!" Getting out a scroll, I ran up beside her and shoved it in her hand. "Go to Konohagakure in the land of fire. Tell them Naruto sent you and to give this to the Hokage. Then ask for Anko. You'll like her. You seem to be a lot alike. Well, good luck!" She continued walking, but this time with a smile on her face as I went to unlock the rest of the prisoners.

End flashback

I have to wonder if they will accept her into Konoha. She is kinda crazy may do something stupid, but to late for that now. She's not my problem yet. Maybe when I get back home but not until then.

"Naruto..." Ah crap. Forgot about Kimimaro again! Maybe I should run? I am faster than him and he's also carrying the red-head... No. I'll be nice today.

"Yes Kimi-chan?" Okay, not THAT nice. "How can I help you this fine evening?"

"Do you WANT to be murdered in a desert? And it's morning, nice try." I stuck my tung out at him. "Ugh. Take the monster now, he's heavy."

"No." He shoved our new teammate at me while I pushed him back, then started running. He wasn't even able to get within two yards of me for the next hour and by that time I remembered that we were in a desert, making me stop abruptly and him crash into my back, sending the orange-haired boy flying over head. I turned to him. "I'm thirsty. Where's water." My voice was dead. That's how thirsty I was. He just sighed. Teme.

He bent down and stuck his bones into the sand. "Water finder" his hands started moving as the bone was pulled to a water source. "Follow." Dang, he's annoyed at me. The only time he talks in short sentences anymore is when he's fighting the urge to kill the closes thing to him, leaving me or our baggage. Not wanting either to die, I followed silently. Even though I am stronger and more advanced the Kimimaro, you never fight him when the guys angry... I learned that the hard way and got beaten to a bloody pulp. He wasn't much better but still, it slowed our progress for some time.

"Naruto. We're here." Two sentence and one with two words! So he's starting to calm down now. That's just great.

"Well, let's get going! I gotta get something to drink!"

"Fine. Let's go." He started walking towards the oasis.

"Yes! Water! Finally!" I shouted, running after him.

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