Team of Monsters

This is a Naruto fan fic where he travels to find new team-mates. The are Called the monster team by both friend and foe. Superstitious!Strong!Naruto


5. Suigetsu

"Juugo~! Are we there yet?" A whining Naruto said as he walked next to his two teammates and friends. "It's been like, a whole day! That's too long."

A tick mark appears on Kimimaro's head. The blond had been like that ever since they left, and it was his fault they were still looking! Finally, he snapped.

"Naruto! Shut up or I swear I will kill you in the bloodiest way I can possibly think of. I will grow your bones while they are inside of you and force them out one by one. Do you understand?"

Thankfully, that shut Naruto up for the time being. He completely believed his friend would do that, only, without the killing part. He was too mad at Naruto to give him any release. Plus, he wouldn't want to lose his best friend.

"Naruto, Kimimaro," a timid voice said, "We are here."

Both of the said people looked at the mound before them. It was like a small hill… that's it. Juugo walked to the other side of it and did something. Stepped on a push thingy? Eh, who knows? Whatever he did, it made a passageway open in the hill and allowed the three of them to pass. They walked, Juugo in the lead, down the dark and winding passageway.

With Suigetsu

'There's no damn way out of this fucking tube. I know this as a fact. That's one advantage of being able to turn into water. There are some other advantages, but those don't apply right now.

CRASH! "Damn it! Why the heck is there a step there?! It's so unneeded!"

Huh. Someone else is here. Haha. Now I'm not the only one being experimented! I saw a foot come through a door on one side of the room. Yum. Looks well tanned. Kinda like a kunoichi's. Strong and slender. Next were the slender tan fingers. Then spiky blond hair. Wait,spiky? That's for a boy... Then the rest of him came in.

Yep. That's a boy. A hot one though.

Then the next man came in. He was the opposite of the delicious blond. Him being completely pale with white hair and a serious look. He's handsome, but not hot.

"Naruto," The blond looked towards the pale one. I guess his names Naruto then. Weird. Why would someone name him fishcakes? "You shouldn't have rushed ahead. What if you went to the wrong place? You should be happy I can almost keep up with you." The boy pouted- Aww kawaii! - Before he began to speak- in an angelic voice- to the other man.

"But you two are too slow~" I had another 'kawaii' moment. This boy's just too adorable. "Besides, I felt the person we needed right in here! So of course I would come this way! What if Juugo went to a different person?"

Wait. Hold it. Juugo?! That bastard! What's he doing here! I'm gonna fucking murder him!

"HEY! Kimi-chan! I found him!" I was pulled out of my thoughts by the same cute blond boy that had sent me into my thoughts in the first place. His finger was pointing at me. The other, Kimi, walked over to the controls for my tank and pulled on something, releasing me.

I quickly formed my body and was planning to land on my feet before slipping on the liquid that came out and hitting the floor. Or, well, it's more like I was supposed to hit the floor but something warm caught me. I looked up into deep blue eyes. They were an indescribable color. So clear and light but deep, making it seem as though he was looking into your soul. He just got even hotter in my eyes.

"Are you alright?" He asked as his finger twitched a little, making me aware of one of his hands on stomach and that he had caught me from behind. The other hand was at my lower back. Oh ya, there was one other thing I had forgotten to notice. I… am… completely nude! I could feel my face heat up.

Luckily, this boy is oblivious. Unluckily, he removed his hand from my stomach (whimper) and put it onto my forehead to see if I had a fever. Leaning closer to me in the process. This did not help my blush go down what-so-ever.

"Kimi-chan, I think he's sick." That annoying man just smirked! He didn't help what-so-ever!

"Maybe Naruto-sama. I think you should play nurse with him. Make sure he feels better." My blond (yes, I did say my) blushed. Was he thinking perverted thoughts?

"Don't add 'sama' to my name… It's embarrassing!" … or not. Urgh! He's too cute and innocent to do anything to! Suddenly, for no obvious reason at all, the boy giggled and ran to the door, hiding right beside it and suddenly disappearing into thin air. I looked at 'Kimi' in confusion. He just smirked at me. That was when an orange haired beast came through.

Actually, it was Juugo. That man's a beast! I hate him!

"Where's Naruto-san?" And he just sounds so damn innocent! He should just go die.


The scream pulled me out of my thoughts. Orochi-teme must have found out that they were here and releasing me. I looked up, expecting to see that ugly pale face. Instead I saw Naruto on the back of that monster and the same monster screaming. Naruto smiled at him and kissed him on the neck, right on top of a collar looking, flower design thing. Huh, he didn't have that before… One more glance and I saw a flower like thing on Naruto's arm that was wrapped around Juugo's chest. With a flickered look in Kimi's direction and I knew something was us with them. Maybe it was a thing linking them together? That would be pretty cool…

"Oh, so you already found him. Good." The beast spoke up, calling for my attention again. They were looking for me? And Juugo was helping them? Why?

"Yep! Our team's complete now! Water, animal, bone, and energy. Sounds good, hey?" The three of them had happy looks on their faces.

"Yes. Come Naruto. We should get back to your village. The Hokage will want to see you as soon as possible, I assume."

"Oh ya, thanks for reminding me Kimi. Baa-chan would get mad at me for taking a detour or something. Come on everyone!"

"Wait Naruto-san." I, along with everyone else, turned our heads towards Juugo. "His flower."

I, for one, was confused while the other two just nodded and Naruto pulled out a sealing scroll. He sent chakra into it and a flower popped out. My blond picked it up carefully by the stem and brought it over to me.

"Now, let's see where it goes."

With Orochimaru

Who's the brat that was able to free all of my prisoners? And Juugo! How could anyone get past him without even being injured or having anything left behind to clue us in on what had happened and who it was! Not a speck of DNA anywhere! This person is good. I want to find him and test him against Sasuke. See how he has improved or if he's just another worthless body. I just wish I could have had Itachi. That boy was a very good specimen.

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