Team of Monsters

This is a Naruto fan fic where he travels to find new team-mates. The are Called the monster team by both friend and foe. Superstitious!Strong!Naruto


4. One More Flower

"What the? How is a flower standing by itself on the water? Is there something holding it up? Naruto looked questioning at his companion. The later just stared at the new discovery.

"Hey, does this remind you if someone?" He indicated at the flower. It was more interesting than being able to grow on the water. It's coloring was a purple that seemed to glow in the moonlight. The tips were more of a white and grew pointed at the end. Also, it's reflection in the water was different then just what the underside of a flower would look like. There seemed to be a fish or something there, not petals. Naruto waded into the water, growing closer and closer to the unique flower.

"Heh... Kimi-chan's not gonna be happy 'bout this... yet another search, probably around Kiri." He picked the sign near the bottom, saving as much of it as possible before coating it in chakra and sealing that as well. "Hey! This reminds me!" He swam out if the small pond. "I still haven't given you your flower!" The blind walked over to where Kimimaro was resting to grab his pack with scrolls. Taking out a black one with an orange tie, he opened it and splayed blood over the seal. After a poof of smoke cleared out, the two boys were able to see the flower of mixed colors (the one from chapter 1) laying ontop like it had alway rested there, never moved nor touched.

"Alright Juugo! Let's see where your flower goes!" Naruto continued to lift the plant up to Jugo's face. It twitched and the blond removed his hand out from under it, leaving it suspended in the air to do as it pleased. Slowly but steadily, the flower make its way down to Jugo's neckline before pressing itself against his neck. The steam wrapped around, forming a collar of sorts in the orange-haired man. "There we go! Now, how does that feel?" Naruto remembered how kimimaro's mark made him feel as though a 'pathway' in his brain opened for the knowledge to enter his mind while his own was more like a rush of chakra entering his to strengthen him.

"He's… quite." The orange-haired man looked at the blond. "How is he quiet?" The blond smiled.

"He's being suppressed by the flower. That was a special flower designed to protect and help its human counterpart. Your problem had been the monster inside of you coming out on its own free will. Now, with the help of your flower, he can only come when you want him to, plus you can change into his body without the effects of his anger consuming you. Basically it's like he has been sealed inside of you and only when you ask for it can he come out. Good?" The boy was wide eyed as he heard this.

"Really? How can a flower be so great?" The blonde giggled at this.

"Heh, I don't believe this is just a flower, do you? They have grown up in hard conditions and survived when the others were destroyed." They both stayed in a peaceful silence for the next few minutes, thinking over all that had happened. Juugo stood before giving a good-night and moving to his sleeping area. With one last smile into the darkened sky, the youngest boy left to his sleeping area.

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"What. Did. You. Just. Say? Naruto, I am not going on another search." Said boy just scratched the back of his head nervously, understandable since he was on the spot of a very annoyed Kimimaro. "We were just in the freakin desert for the last three weeks and you expect me to go on another- maybe impossible and useless- search, just so that you can try to find another team-mate! No-fucking-way. Forget it. You're on your own." The white haired man turned away from his companion while Naruto just blinked in surprise.

'Kimi-chan just made a long speech! When's the apocalypse happening?!' The poor boy started hyperventilating at the thought, making their newest companion look at him weirdly before speaking up.

"Ano… I have an idea where he is. This flower seems like it could be Suigetsu, one of Orochimaru's other jailers. I know where he is and how to get to him if you want help…" Naruto smiled a brilliant smile that could put even Gai's to shame and brought upon a blush to the orange haired man.

"THANKS JUUGO! This will be a lot faster then just searching at random like before! Kimimaro, you gonna come with us now?" You could basically see the inner conflict within the elder boy. Go with his friend and new teammate on another long and annoying search, though probably not as long and annoying as the last, or go where ever he wanted and maybe never see them again unless he went to the hidden leaf, which isn't possible at this time considering that Naruto wouldn't be there to convince them to let him in. The second possibility was tempting, but he would lose his only friend in the process. This gave him his answer.

"I hate you and I'm coming." Naruto grinned before taking off. He stopped after about a quarter of a mile, realizing that he was the only one running off.

"UM, IM I GOING THE WRONG WAY?" He shouted. If he didn't, then they wouldn't hear him. A nod 'yes' from Jugo later he was sprinting back to the pair, stopping inches away from Jugo's face. "Then which way?" He asked. Jugo's face began to heat up the smallest amount. Anyone that didn't know the situation would just think that it was because of the murderous heat from the desert sun. One who did would know that that wasn't true.

You could tell that the hyperactive blond felt nothing from this atmosphere as he looked into the orangish-red eyes of the other boy. Gathering his wits, he spoke in a surprisingly un shaking voice.

"North (Is that right? I can't remember which guard he was…). His name is Suigetsu and he guards the north tower." He turned his head away shyly as Naruto began bouncing up and down, back and fourth.

"Come on, come on! Lets go meet this 'Suigetsu' person! Hey! Jugo! Do you know what he's like?"

"Well, somewhat. I fought him once in my other form. We didn't talk much, but he loved to joke around with people and taunt would do right about anything to get someone mad and trip up in a fight. Also, I think he just likes annoying people to no end. Other then that he always was smiling and showing his teeth. You could see the joy in his eyes, even during the battle. It was a joy of just having fun, no bloodlust present. That in itself is quite the feet if you work for Orochimaru." Naruto grinned once again. He liked to sound of this new team member of theirs.

"Well,' he said "lets get going! We have a person to kidna- er, rescue!" Finally, they started off on the journey to the North tower of Orochimaru's guards.

They have made it to the tower, 4 days later

"This is it, right Jugo?" Kimimaro asked. They were standing outside of a large hill looking building. It basicly melded into the ground and there was grass on the 'roof' or the top of the 'hill'. Naruto looked at it with aw in his eyes having never seen something like this ever before in his entire life.

"Yes, it is." Jugo answered. He walked to the base of the 'hill' and stepped on a patch of grass. It dipped at one spot before the area directly next to it opened up; leading to a winding staircase. The orange haired man began to descend. Naruto ran up behind him and looked over the other's shoulder, his breath brushing against Jugo's neck. He speed up, moving away from the blond, and going deeper into the ground.

"Hey! Kimi! Are you coming?" Kimimaro was still standing at the entrance. If anyone looked carefully, you could see a tad of jealousy dotting his eyes. Of course, Naruto never was good at being careful, so he didn't notice this. "Well?" He asked when Kimi didn't answer him.

"Yes. Just wait for a minute. I'm trying to sense who all is down there and how powerful they are." He answered. After just a second of thinking, Naruto nodded knowingly before continuing after his friend down the stairs. Kimimaro let out a sigh. This was getting difficult.

In some tube inside a lab

"Dang Orochimaru… dang Kabuto… DANG JUGO! WHY'D HE HAVE TO DEFEAT ME! NOW I'M STUCK IN A TUBE, BEING EXPERIMENTED ON AGAIN! I SHOULD HAVE WON! If I see him again…" The person in the tube smiled sadistically. "But first I gotta get out before the experiments start…"

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