Team of Monsters

This is a Naruto fan fic where he travels to find new team-mates. The are Called the monster team by both friend and foe. Superstitious!Strong!Naruto


1. Kimimaro

One I found near the river, the other will be in the desert. I just need one more clue.


At the river was a pale, gorgeous man named Kimimaro. He was trying to destroy the entire field of flowers at one shot. I watched him. He impressed me greatly. Spinning, dancing, twirling in a deadly dance. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. That's when I decided that I wanted him. When I want something, nothing, not even the hokage, can stop me from having it.

When he finished, there were still three flowers that he had missed. I went to pick up one, seeing it had an orange tint to it. Now, I am actually very superstitious, despite others beliefs, so this is my flower from the field. I walked over to the other, the one Kimimaro was about to chop down, and lay my hand on his shoulder. He stopped his movements, becoming very still.

Leaning down to whisper in his ear, I spoke. "Why? Why do you destroy a defenseless flower? Why destroy when you could help it grow? Let it grow into a beautiful flower." And with that said, I placed a kiss on his shoulder and crossed over to the flower, looking for its tint.

It was white. A pure white. At the center was two dots of red, but the rest was white in the brightest shade. The same as that man.

Plucking the flower, I carefully held it it so it wouldn't break, giving it a coat of chakra to keep it alive, and placing it in the crevice between his ear and head. The flower rested their before slowly imprinting into his skin, leaving a tattoo of a flower that will never fade and can not be removed. It was part of his mind now, it had joined him in wisdom.

My flower I placed on my arm, having it join me in power, becoming a strength. My outline was in orange, but lighter then my skin so it was seen on my tanned arm.

Smiling, I walked over to the last flower, this had the more interesting of the designs. Part was orange, about half, but with dark red to almost black dots in it. The same with the other side accept that the dots were orange and the rest was the dark color. Well, one things for certain, we will have a very interesting group.

End flashback

And that brings us to where we are now, in the middle of the desert. The intricate flower was surrounded by ash-who knows how that got there, Kimi didn't use any fire style, only his blood line- so we decided to search the deserts. We talked to Gaara but to no luck. Then we just started wandering, checking in with the Hokage every so often.

"Naruto-san, look there." Ah yes, I forgot to mention that Kimi has finally started speaking. He wouldn't for days until about two weeks into our journey, so I'm still surprised to hear his gravely yet still silky voice.

"Ya, let's go to the tower! We'll definitely find 'em there!" I started sprinting to the building, leaving Kimi in my dust. "Hurry up slow poke! Do you want me to get there first?" And with that, Kimi started running towards me, nearly catching up. This is gonna be FUN!

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