Team of Monsters

This is a Naruto fan fic where he travels to find new team-mates. The are Called the monster team by both friend and foe. Superstitious!Strong!Naruto


3. A Monster Inside

"Where am I?" Spoke the Orange Hair.

"Ah! The orange is awake! How ya feeling?" The blond asked.

"No, no, no, nononononono! I can't be in the open! I'll kill you! I'll kill everyone! Stay away from me! Escape while I'm still sa-" he was broke off when two tan arms wrapped themselves around his body, tight.

"You can't really feel like that, can you? Your such a nice guy. Besides, I was able to knock you out in seconds." He grinned happily, being able to brag about how great he is. The others jaw just dropped. "Also, what's your actual name?"


"Ahh, well, hello Juugo! Your our new teammate. We knocked you out some time ago so now were at a desert oasis. Wanna eat?"

"How are you not afraid of me? You saw my monster form!" The other just laughed.

"Well, you have a monster form while I have a demon form, so who do you think will win? A demon or a monster? Oh ya, and the demon will normally have a freak backing him up! Right Kimi?" Right once the 'i' come out, he ducked under a bone that came out of nowhere.

"Haha! Thanks for proving my point Kimi-chan!"

"I'll kill you if you don't shut up. You know that, right?" The pale man showcased a glare that could rival an Uchiha's and yet Naruto just laughed in his face, most likely because he has dealt with an actual Uchiha.

"But if you did that then you wouldn't have a play mate! Don't want that now so you!" This was answered by a bone sword landing slicing through him. At least, it would have if the mischievous blond didn't move out of the way at speeds that even an Uchiha would have trouble following with their sharingan activated. He stopped behind the white haired man, fingers at his throat.

"We shouldn't be fighting and letting the good food go to waste Kimi-chan! Don't you agree Juugo." The new-found members eyes darkened just a tad.

"Kit, you shouldn't annoy your friends this much. especially ones with short tempers." The demon said, finally announcing his presence.

'Ya, ya, kura-chan! That doesn't stop me though!'

"Boy, you truly are asking for a prolonged death if you call the most powerful biju in the human world at this time, a girl."

'Well, my logic is that if anyone is as scary as -or around the same amount that- Sakura-chan and Tsunade-baa-chan are, then their girls.'

"Good logic kid but it's more like that if they are around that scary or more, then their guys, not girls."

'Oh... That's fine! But I'll still call Kimi-chan Kimi-chan since that's his name now! And I don't want to say sorry to him...'


'Nope! And you can't change my mind!'

"Not that, pay attention to what's going on outside." The fox basically pushed out his keeper, knowing how urgent this was.

"What the?"

Juugo's POV

'Ugh, it's so warm... I don't like it! STOP!

'Just kill what ever has caused this, other' the darker side of him cooed.

'NO! I don't want to kill! That's just you! Not me! Go away...' The last part came out as a whimper from his only sane side.

'Now now, you know that I can't do that. I am as much a part of you as you are me. You are ying, I am yang. Two parts of a hole and nothing is able to change that fact. Besides, I am your power and you are my weakness. We are inseparable.'

'No! I won't accept it! I need you out if me! Get out! Out! Leave me alone!' "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! GET OUT! I DONT WANT TO KILL! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! Just stop..."

"Juugo? Are you okay?" I looked up. The blond, Naruto, was back. What did he mean though? Why would he care if I'm okay? Why do I matter? Why?

"Stop it! Stop confusing me! I'll kill you!" His eyes flashed a the transformation began once again. His skin grew grey, muscles bulged, and body parts changed. Growing, reforming, and changing until he was nearly unrecognizable. Then he charged full speed at the one supposedly causing his irritation.

Naruto's eyes flashed red ar the center for a millisecond before the same color burst everywhere within them, showing Naruto's 'demonic eyes'. They forced the curse mark to retreat and the voice in Juugo's mind to settle for the moment.

"How?" The boy asked. "he's gone... What did you do?"

"Hehe.. Ever heard if a thank you? Well, I've been working in a way to stop my friends mark from activating and making him too powerful for me to defeat without killing him. Well, looks like it works! But does that mean that Orochimaru experimented on you too?" (Oh ya, I just remembered to tell you that in this Kimi was never found by that snake. Now you can continue reading if you bothered with this comment).

"Kind of.. The 'curse mark' is actually the kekai genki (sorry if it's spelled wrong) of my family. Orochimaru found me and learned how to recreate it."

"Huh, cool! But is it normal to make you go crazy? Or us that just for you?" The blond was truly curious about this new discovery. He may even be able to take off the curse mark from Sasuke if he learned enough.

"Ya, it is. My mother killed herself since she couldn't handle her dark side. That left me as the last accept for my dark side. It's like you have two spirits in one body and if you conquer the other you become even more powerful. Though, that tends to be unbelievably rare to accomplish."

"Wow.. I never knew people had things like that that could be passed down. Amazing..." The blue-eyed boy looked dumb-struck.

"Naruto, other boy, it's time to sleep. Now." Kimimaro was tired of waiting for them to finish and doesn't do patience.

"Yaya mom, be their in a sec. so just go ahead and sleep."

"Fine. Just don't be too loud." The Kaguya mumbled something undesirable before laying down to sleep. The other two began walking to a area some ways further from the sleeping hot head to continue their chat before Naruto saw something that made him stop.

"What the?"

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