Hermione Granger and the It's-LeviOSa-not-Leviosaaa

Hermione Granger's perspective of Harry Potter and the Philosephers Stone. Made for laughs. :)
© 2014
Great inspiration from Draco Malfoy and the Rejected Handshake by Mirlotta, Nightstar13, Lunallamabrianappleshine and Mohogany Pumpkin.<------fan them and read their movellas! :D


6. Extra Info That I-umm-Forgot

Before all the Cray-Cray-troll (dun dun dun) stuff happened, Harry, Ron and I were exploring the third floor which was forbidden. Were such rebels. However we weren't friends then. There was this big doggy with...THREE HEADS! IKR! I, being the smarter one, noticed that the dog was guarding something, a trapped door. Yes, a trapped door. I feel like one of those heroines in those movies everyone likes and she always relates to all those smart stuff. In addition, there was another Memorable TIO scene. So when we left the doggy room, I said, "I'm heading to bed now before either one of you think of another plan to get us killed, or worse...EXPELLED!" It was so awesome!!!!!!!!

Then, we researched and discovered that Hagrid took Harry to Gringotts and opened a volt which stored a mysterious object. We think it's the Philosepher's stone.

Now, Harry, Ron and I, because we are like besties now-Yayzees-we really want to see what Snape is up too. We all think that he might steal the stone so we must be the heroes. We've decided to go to Hagrid's later to tell him that Snape is up to no good. I've heard that muggle phrase before...Did my mum say that to me once? I don't know. I don't think so because I'm the perfect child. (sure you are) Who said that? OH, My conscience did. I talk to my conscience, sometimes or it often starts off with my conscience saying that I'm cheeky. I mean, really? Me? Cheeky? No way!

Anyways, I don't mind Ron, now, because he's actually quite sweet when you get to know him. Really sweet and really funny. In fact, I'm glad I have such a wonderful, funny friend. And his hair. It's so fiery and red and perfect and....TIO! I don't know what came over me. (Ron came over you!) Shut up, conscience!

Anyway so I went on Twitter and this stupid fan pretended to be The Dark Lord (DUN DUN DUN DUN)-It needs more duns than the dumb, ugly troll. The Dark Lord (DUN DUN DUN DUN) Fan said:

Lord Voldemort: @SunshineSally

I am at Tesco's now buying chocolate straws.


Hermione Granger: @TIO<3

OK?  #Weird

Also, can I have some.


Lord Voldemort: @SunshineSally

No because they are to help me rise in power to take over the world and kill the boy who lived, HARRY POTTER!


Hermione Granger: @TIO<3



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