Hermione Granger and the It's-LeviOSa-not-Leviosaaa

Hermione Granger's perspective of Harry Potter and the Philosephers Stone. Made for laughs. :)
© 2014
Great inspiration from Draco Malfoy and the Rejected Handshake by Mirlotta, Nightstar13, Lunallamabrianappleshine and Mohogany Pumpkin.<------fan them and read their movellas! :D


4. Charms

Let's talk about what I did in Charms today.

Flitwick said we were to levitate a feather.

Ron was sitting next to me in class and we were sharing the feather. My wand is a vine wood one with a dragon heart string core. So it's practically a beauty. And another memorable moment performed by moi conjured in this class.

"Stop, stop, stop. You're going to take someone's eye out. Besides, it's LeviOSa not Leviosaaa." I frowned down at him, partly because my chair was higher.

"Well, if you're so perfect then you do it." Ron argued back.

Then I snatched my wand and placed the feather onto the table, in front of me. "Wingardium LeviOSaaa" And to my surprise-no, actually, it wasn't REALLY a surprise...-it levitated and I was like YES!!!

Flitwick announced that I did it well and I got a chocolate frog...no I didn't but I imagined I did. :)


Later that day, I over heard Ron say to HARRY POTTER and some other dude, "No wonder she has not friends." I budged him as I walked past to make him aware that I heard and I cried. I sprinted to the girls bathroom and cried. Snot got everywhere and I was mistaken for a dying walrus. There were just tears and snot, tears and snot, tears and snot. I looked like a wreck. I looked like one of those booger dripping hobos that sit on the pavements by your corner shop, asking for beer. So I cleaned myself up to look pretty again and ......sobbed again. Snot and tears. Snot and tears. Snot and tears. And more snot and tears. Then something happened..............

.......................................................I forgot all the detes, I'll tell you later.

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