Hermione Granger and the It's-LeviOSa-not-Leviosaaa

Hermione Granger's perspective of Harry Potter and the Philosephers Stone. Made for laughs. :)
© 2014
Great inspiration from Draco Malfoy and the Rejected Handshake by Mirlotta, Nightstar13, Lunallamabrianappleshine and Mohogany Pumpkin.<------fan them and read their movellas! :D


20. Byezees

And that's the story of how Hogwarts became even more famous. Maybe, in my next book I can tell you about my adventures at Hogwarts in my first year. JOKES!!!!! Of course it was my diary about my first year at Hogwarts. HAHAHAHAH!!!

Not funny.

After all that weird stuff I told you about, we left to go back home until the next term which was going to be my second year. Is it just me, or did the year go REALLY FAST!!! Harry was given, by Hagrid, a photo thingy which was a memory of his parents and him together. It was sweet...but you can't beat real sweets. I mean, I had this really crumbly, white sweet the other day and it was SOOOOOOO sweet...Or was that a sugar cube?

Anyway watch out for my new diary-I did say I was going to buy a new one since RON RUINED IT, and also because I get a new one every year-it's going to be awesome!!!!! Like moi.

Bye for now, Hermione xxx

There will also be two chapter about my Summer Holiday!!!!!

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