True or false

Juilia as a child never thought she belonged with the person she thought was her mother as they looked nothing alike. She was told fake stories about her family. Then when she was 14 she was told she was adopted. Some people would be frightened but not Juilia. She wants to find her real family and find out the truth about them. Though it is a hard mission because she only knows there names. Will she ever find them?


1. truth?

 I stare into David’s eyes as I tell him what Johnny told me. He just looks at me. I think he thinks I am insane to believe the guy who nearly killed us both. I need to believe it was true about my birth parents or I had nothing. “How are you sure he is not lying about your birth parents? He tried to kill us. You knew their names and he would of known them as your mum would have told them,” said David. I had started looking for my birth parents they day I knew I was adopted. I wanted to find out about my true life and why they gave me up. There was just one person in my way. My dangerous adopted step father. Johnny. He hates David and me. He dated lots of the younger people like my adopted mum then they got married. That was a 3 years ago. My adoptive mum divorced him because he was violent to me. A few months ago I was told I was adopted. I got told my parents’ names were Julia Erington and Richard Smith. I wanted to find them so I could find out about my family. I have been searching ever since. I needed that missing piece of my history to be there. I was told this fake story of my family history. My dad was killed when I was 2 and was fighting in a war. My nan lived in france apparently. I always believed that but I thought it was dodgy with no photos of him. My adoptive mum just said it was to upsetting to see him “I guess you are right. I just need to find something. I have been searching for 3 months and I have nothing to show for it,” I said. I just start to cry for some strange reason. I don’t know why. This goal needs to be complete. It is just such a big challenge. “Ok, look I know how much you want complete this and I see how upset you are so I went down to my cousin who gave me this family tree book and dvd for the computer. He said all you need to do is type someone’s name and you can find the person by looking at their children, husbands or parents. He managed to find people as well. We found out we have a cousin who lives in Australia. So lets go to my house and look at the results we get for people that could be them. “Ok,” I say a bit unsure. I was a bit scared I would never find them. That I may never find these answers. I need to or my past is incomplete. I know life is about the future but it will be nice to know what happened with my family. I want to see something so I can see if I have any cousins or brothers and sisters or even half-brothers and sisters. This is my family at the moment: Me I love my adoptive family but I need to find out more. I mean they are a real family.My adoptive mum remarried and had 2 children who are about 2 and are twins. I just hope my mum likes me if I ever meet her.

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