My Best Friend.

Will he remember me? Does he still love me? Has he changed? Well looks like I'll have to find out...


1. When I was 16.

I woke up not wanting this day to end. I know 'what the hell do you mean?' I mean my best friend Ashley is leaving me his family and his home town. He's going to live in LA to live his dream. He wants to be in a big band. I get out of bed and grab my clothes, put them on and brush my hair.

(10 mins later)

I knock on the door and wait a couple of seconds. The door opens and a sad Ashley stood there looking at me.

"Hey Molly I'm going to miss you so much you have no idea!" He says coming up to me and hugging me.

"I'll miss you to Ash to much for words!" I say back. He let go and put his hand on my cheek.

"Molly promise me something? You will never forget me." He says looking into my eyes.

"I promise you I will never forget you. Will you promise me something? You will never forget me." I asked back.

"I will never forget you, you are just to amazing to forget. But maybe I don't have to forget you." I looked at him with confusion written all over my face.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I mean come with me, we can live OUR dream together." He says with hope in his voice. I frown.

"Ashley I can't I'm only 16 I need to be 17 to drop out of school and I don't have money I just can't I am so sorry. I would love to maybe one day but just not today." I say looking down.

Ashley wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him.

"I-I love you Molly and nothing will change that." He says lifting my head up with his finger.

"I love you too Ashley." I say looking in his eyes.

Suddenly his mom comes put of the house carrying Ashley's suit cases.

"Come on Ashley you don't want to miss the plane... Oh hello Molly love would you like to come to say your last good byes?" I nod and hop in the car and after me Ashley gets in to.

I look out of the window and feel something on my thigh, I look down to see Ashley's hand, I put my hand on his hand and look up at him and smile he mouthed 'I love you' and I mouthed 'I love you too'.

When we were at the airport we got out of the car and walked into the main entrance.

"Baby come here and give you mommy a big hug!" His mom said crying. He hugged her and he went to his dad, his dad put his hand out but Ashley gave him a big hug instead.

"Come on dear I think we should leave these to to say good bye." His mother said grabbing his fathers hand walking to the car.

I looked up at him and smiled sadly.

"Oh my god Molly I will missed you so much!" He says giving me a big hug.

"Im gonna miss you too Ashley." I hug back.

"I love you Molly!" He says looking in my eyes.

"I love you too, one day we will see each other again one day." I let a tear slip and he quickly whipped it away.

"Don't cry because if you do that means I will start cry too." He says making me chuckle.

"Can flight 5 go to door 242. Thank you."

My smile turns into a frown.

"Bye Ashley."

"Bye Molly" He kisses me on the cheek picked up his suit cases and walked off but stopped.

He turned around dropped his bags and ran back, when he got to me he grabbed my waist pulled me closer and planted a kiss on my lips. With out waiting a second I kissed back, smiling into it, not wanting it to end but sadly it did he pulled away.

"I love you forever and always." He whispered into my ear.

"Forever and always." I whisper back. He turned around walking back to his cases, he picked them up and looked back at me smiled and winked. I smiled back and waved. I watched him walk off into the crowd. Just then I broke down crying.

'Someone I love just walked away and I probably will never see him again.' I said to myself. I turned around and walked out to Ashley's mom's car. I get in the back not saying a word.

"I know its hard love, I know how much you love him and how much he loves you but one day you will meet again." She says. I nod and she drives off.

She came at a holt when she was outside my house.

"Thank you." I say getting out. I ran into my house dumping my bag on the floor and ran to my room locking myself in. I got changed into one of Ashley's tops and got in bed (I stole the top off him).

That night I cried myself to sleep well I did every night for a week.

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