My Best Friend.

Will he remember me? Does he still love me? Has he changed? Well looks like I'll have to find out...


4. The First Day On Tour.

I woke up to someone next to me cuddling up to my chest and my arms around her waist. I look down to see Molly snoring lightly and cutely. I climb over her trying not to wake her. I walk to the front of the bus and see everyone at the table eating pancakes.

"Ooo pancakes!" I squealed like a little girl. I grabbed a plate and two pancakes and sat down. We all was talking about the rest on the tour.

When we heard a big thump!

"You son of a mother fucker!" Molly cursed. Then mumbled.

She came into the front she didn't look happy. She sat down next to me and put her head on my shoulder.

"Morning babe!" I say happily.

"Morning Ashes." She mumbles. She lifts her head up and I plant a kiss on her lips.

"My eyes my young handsome eyes seen to much!" Cc cries. I put my middle finger at him and Molly giggles.

"So where we headin to?" Molly ask. Everyone looked around asking for an answer.

"Really guys you don't know where your going on your own tour?" She asked. We all nod. She sighs.

"I need a shower." I say getting up and putting my plate in the sink and walking to the bathroom.

Molly POV.

When Ashley left everyone stared at me. Ok?

"Why are you staring at me?" I asked.

"Well Molly since we have no idea who you are we need to know you better." Andy says the guys nod.

"Well im 24 years old 25 in a month and my mum and dad died in a car crash about 2 weeks after Ashley left for LA and I lived on the streets for a month then a old lady took me in and about a month ago she died and gave me all her money so I used it to live here." I say locking back the tears.

"Mum? Are you english?" Cc asked me.

"Yeah I am but I've been there since I was 12." I say remembering the horrid whether.

"How did you mom and dad get in a crash?" Jinxx asks.

"Well I had a panic attack at school and was rush to hospital and they went to see me but a drunk driver crashed into them and killed them." I said look down and let a tear go down my face.

"Why did you have a panic attack?" Jake asked.

"The lack of sleep and a lot of stress." I answer.

"Why?" They all ask.

"B-b-because I missed Ashley." I stutter.

Ashley's POV.

I was listening to the guys speak to Molly.

"Why" They asked her. I can't believe they don't know when to keep their mouths shout.

"B-b-because I miss Ashley." I was all my fault if I didn't move Molly would still have parents. I dry myself off and go to the bunks putting on clothes. I finished getting dressed and Molly came in.

"Hey Babe." I say. She smiled at me and sat on the bunk next to me. She puts her head on my shoulder.

"Hey. Ashes? Are you ok?" She asked me.

"Yeah I'm fine." I smile at her and kiss her temple. I stand up and pick her up bridal style. She squeals and giggles. I plant a kiss on her red lips and she smiles kissing back. We got to the front of the bus and sit on the sofa her pocket vibrates.

She gets her phone out and reads her text message.

"Fuck yes!" She whispers.

"Who is it babes?" I ask.

"Oh just my long lost sister." She says texting away.

"Sister?" Everyone ask even me.

"Who is it?" Andy ask.

"Oh no one you will have to find out!" She says putting her head in the crook of my neck.

Suddenly Andy starts jumping arond.

"YES YES YES!" He shouts.

We all look at him and he screams Juliet is coming to visit us.

Molly's POV.

I can't wait till Juliet comes so I can finally meet my long lost sister! Yeah you heard me I don't need to repeat. I get up but Ashley pulls me back down.

"Ashleeeey I need a shower!" I whine.

"Can I join?" He whispers.

"Not today maybe sometime else. Sowwy." I say in a baby voice and he pouts I giggle.

I get up and walk to the bunks and get clothes. And then walk to the bathroom. I turn on the shower and get in. Suddenly the door opens and Ash stands their with a grin on his face. I swear I locked it.

"How the fuck did you open it?" I asked.

"I picked locked it." He say closing the door locking it.

"Now can I join?" He asked with a pouty face and puppy dog eyes. How can I say no to that. I throw my arms in the air saying 'I give up' he smirks and strips then hops in. I found it hard not to stare.

"Like what your seeing?" He asked pulling me closer.

"Yes." I say back easily he chuckles. He turns my around and washes my hair.

"We are getting a hotel tonight wanna share?" He asked.

"No I'm alright I'll share with CC." I say jokingly.

"Haha very funny." He says back. I turn around and plant a kiss on his lips and he puts his hand on my back running down and just under my bum and jump up and put my legs around his waist. Suddenly I feel something stroke my leg and I smirk in to the kiss. I pull back and look into Ashley's eyes.

"I love you Ashes."

"I love you too babe."

"Forever and Always?" I asked.

"Forever and Always!" He confirmed.

"Well come on we need to get out before the water goes cold!" I say turning off the water.

"But you can't leave me hanging!" Ash says.

"Oh trust me you're not hanging!" I say back. He blushes.

I dry myself off and Ashley watches waiting for the towel. I give him the towel and put on my clothes watching from the corner of my eye. God he's BIG! Sorry I had too. I finished getting ready so did Ashley so we went to the front and watched TV.

"Ooo My Little Pony!!" I say excited. Ash chuckles and i snuggle up to his chest.

(20 minutes later).

All the boys come though the door and a girl followed them I look at her and she looks at me. Our faces brighten up and I jump up running over to her and she runs at me.



We both shout.

"OMG I can't believe your here!" She says.

"I can't believe you're here!" I say back.

"Molly babe you know her?" Ashley asked.

"Yes shes my long lost sister!" I say happily. The guys mouths turn to a shape of an 'O'.

"You didn't tell them?" She asked.

"No why would I look at their faces! Priceless!" I laugh.

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