My Best Friend.

Will he remember me? Does he still love me? Has he changed? Well looks like I'll have to find out...


6. Note please read!

OMG YOU ALL HATE ME NOW DON'T YOU?!?! I'm so sorry I couldn't update! Since the start of the year there has been 6 deaths in my family and I've been to 6 funerals in what 4 months? I will update but not now because its 1 in the morning! Just comment on what you think should happen next maybe hate, drama, love, cheating or a break up! (Dun dun duun)! Please don't hate me because I love all my followers! Yes you who is addicted to fanfictions, yes you who rather read a good old fanfic than go out with your friends, yes you who just loves to read! I love you all sleep well, don't let Satan get you in your sleep... Ok? No idea where that came from! So just comment if you are liking it, hating it or just want another feckin' chapter! Go night and good-bye! xxxxx -Molly.

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