My Best Friend.

Will he remember me? Does he still love me? Has he changed? Well looks like I'll have to find out...


11. Back Home.

(1 month laters) .

Tour ended a couple if weeks ago, I'm bored as fuck, Ashley hasn't talked to me or anything since we were parted. I try calling him, no answer, texting him? No fucking goddamn answer! So I decide to get off my boney arse and go to his house. I grab my car keys and head off.

'Time travel' 'BOOP'

'Knocky knock'

I wait a couple of seconds before Ashley opens the door.

"H-" he begins.

"What the fuck? I've called, texted and all of that shit and you don't answer. I'm getting sick and tired of you Purdy." I say angrily.

"Molly babe, I'm sorry. I'm busy how about you come and visit later?" He say slowly closing the door. I put my foot infront of it.

"So you're to busy for your own girlfriend? Its been 4 weeks since we have been off tour. Did you forget about me?" I ask. He looks at me, moves my foot and shuts the door.

"FUCK YOU ASHLEY PURDY!!!" I shout. I turn around to see Andy's car pull up. He gets out and so does Jake, CC and Jinxx.

"Hey Molly." CC says. I look at him and smile.

"Why the fuck are you here?" I snap. They look at me shocked.

"Well we are having a night in we do it every Saturday. Whats wrong with you?" Jinxx says happily.

"Ashley Fucking Purdy hasn't texted, spoke or seen me in four weeks. Just then he said he was busy and shut the door in my face." I say walking up to them.

"What has got into him?" Jake ask. We all shrug.

"Well guys I better go. Enjoy your night with my boyfriend. For now." I say the last bit quickly. They wave goodbye and walk to the house and knock.

I get in my car and stare at them. Ashley opens the door and bro hugs them laughing and smiling. A tear shreds from my eye. Andy turns around pointing at me and turns to Ash. Ash shrugs and walks in to the house following CC, Jake and Jinxx. Andy turns to my and frowns waving then walks in side shutting the door behind him. I bang my fist against the wheel and made it beep. I didn't do it on purpose. Ash looked out of his window and said 'I think Molly is going mad' or 'Molly is still outside'. I looked at him and frowned. I turned my car on and turned up my music. I drove off.

Andy's POV.

"Whats wrong with Molly then?" I ask.

"I just wanted space. She's been texting me none stop. I'm thinking of dumping her." I look down. CC gets up and walks to the door.

"Stop fucking with her heart dude." Then he goes. Jinxx gets up.

"You really know how to treat women don't you." He gets up and leaves Jake gets up and leaves.

"Dude, you've fucked up big time." Andy says and leaves too. WhT the fuck just happened. I grab my phone. I dial Molly's number.

"Hey Molly. I'm sorry its not working. I'm breaking up with you." I say to her.

"W-what? B-ut... Its not working?" She says. Just then, right now, she broke down crying. "Oh. Ok. Fine. Its. Alright." She say trying to catch her breath.

"Bye Molly."

"Fuck forever and always. That never meant anything. Just a stupid little saying." She mutters under her breath. I hang up.

What the fuck have I just done?



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