My Best Friend.

Will he remember me? Does he still love me? Has he changed? Well looks like I'll have to find out...


2. 7 years later.

Hey I'm Molly I'm 24 now and I still can remember the day Ashley left me to go to LA and now he is in a band (that I love and always will love) called Black Veil Brides. He plays bass. And guess what? Today I move to LA! I got tickets to see him live and backstage tickets to see him!!!!!

I get on the plane with a funny feeling in my tummy.

(Skipping plain ride).

I got iff the plane and went to get my cases. I got out of the airport it wasn't very busy so it was alright I guess.

I got in a cab and told him to go to my new house.

(Skipping car ride).

I got out of the cab and paid him and walked to my brand new house. I got in a jumped up and down.

"FINALY I'M FREE AND I'm alone." I shouted going quite at the end. I had a big grin on my face. I can do anything I want. Well that will have to wait because I have to get ready for the concert. I put on a BVB top on and ripped skinnies also my heavy combat boots. I teased my hair and put my make up on. After I finished getting ready I got my keys and phone and stepped out of the house. I walked down the road to the venue and waited in line.

(5 hours of waiting).

Finally they open the doors and let us in. I hand the man my ticket and he ripped it and let me in, I went to the front of the crowd right in the middle of the stage. After 10 minutes the lights went low and one after one they came on stage Andy, CC, Jake, Jinxx then Ashley. OMFG he has not changed a bit! They started with 'Fallen Angels' and ended with 'In The End'.

When they finished the last song everyone went but I went backstage and saw the man that let me in.

"Hello do you have a backstage pass?" He asked I nod and handed it him.

"Come on follow me." He said and started to walk. I followed him to a room saying 'Black Veil Brides' oh my good I can't believe this is going!

"Just knock on the door and yeah." He says in a voice meaning 'I fucking hate my job".

I knock on the door and Andy answers he smiles.

"Why hello would you like to come in." I nod and walk in.

"So whats your name?" CC ask me smiling.

"M-my name is Molly Lower." I say slowly. Just as I finish Ashley's head shoots up and smile.

"Molly.. Molly Lower oh my god I thought I would never see you again." He says standing up. And pulling me into a hug.

"I missed you so much Ashley." I say locking back the happy tears.

"I missed you too Molly. Oh my god I can't believe you are here right now." He says looking into my eyes.

"I kept my promise when I said we'll see each other again." I say smiling.

"Um dude want to update us?" Jake says coughing. I blush and look at the floor.

"Guys this is Molly she Is my best friend from high school." He grabs my hand and smiles at me.

"So this is the chic you never stopped talking about and that you love her and never wanted to leave her blah blah blah!" CC said smirking.

Ashley glared at him. Making me giggle.

"Oh thats Molly! Ash never shuts up about you!" Jinxx says smiling.

"Nice to know he kept his promise!" I say happily.

"What was the promise?" Andy asked.

"That I would remember her." Ashley smiled grabbed my waist and pulled me closer.

"Awwwww how cute! You two look amazing together!" CC says in a girly voice making me giggle.

"Guys can Molly come to the bus with us?" Ashley ask.

"Yeah sure just please don't rock the bus!" Andy says walking pass us.

Ash grabs my hand and we run to the bus giggling all the way there.

Once we get on the bus we walk to the back and I sit down on Ashley's lap and put my head in the crook of his and my arms around is neck too. He puts his arms around my waist and his head on mine.

"Molly do you remember... No forget it, its stupid." He says quickly.

"No ask me, do I remember what?" I asked.

"Do you remember our last kiss?" He asked.

"How can I not? That kiss was amazing I didn't want it to end I..." Before I could finish Ashley told me to shut up by giving me a kiss. It was longer than the last one but more deeper. His lips were so soft and again I never wanted it to end.

Someone bursted throw the door and just stood there.

"I told you not to rock the bus!" I pulled away and hid my face in Ashley's chest.

"And I told you to start knock." Ashley's says glaring at him.

"Fine but you two do look good together for once CC is right!" CC let out a little 'hey' in the back ground making me giggle. Andy walked out.

"So Molly... Would you like me to take you home?" He asked.

"No I can walk. I only live down the road. Maybe we can hand out tomorrow at the mall?" I asked hoping he will say yes. He frowns. No, not the frown.

"Sorry babe... I mean Molly I would love to but I'm still on tour sorry." He looks down. I hold back the tears.

"Oh ok maybe another time. Well I have to go bye Ashley." I get up, get my bag and walk out.

(Ashley's POV)

"So Molly... Would you like me to take you home?" I asked.

"No I can walk. I only live down the road. Maybe we can hand out tomorrow at the mall?" She asked

"Sorry babe... I mean Molly I would love too but I'm still on tour sorry." I look down.

"Oh ok maybe another time. Well I have to go bye Ashley." She gets up and walked out. Stupid Ashley I'm such a fuck up!

"Molly wait!" I shout. We are now in the living area and the boys are staring at us.

"What Ashley I need to get home and feed my... Cat?" I chuckle.

"Molly don't lie I know you don't like cats." I say back." I was gonna say how about we go on tour together ya know get back the time we lost." I say looking at the guys.

"I don't know Ash, I mean I would love too but I'll just get in the way." She looks at the floor.

"Guys help me out here!" I whisper yell at the boys.

"No Molly you wont get in our way we will probably get in your way." Cc chuckled. "You can be a merch girl!" Jake shouts.

She lifts her head and smiles. "Really so I can go on tour!" She says happily.

I grab her waist and pull her closer to me. "Only if you want to!" I kiss her cheek. She nods like crazy.

"Shit, I have to get suit case!" I grab my car keys grab her hand and run to my car. "Ashley where will I sleep? Will I get hate? OMG I'm gonna share a bus with 5 men 4 I hardly know!" She says all the bad things.

"You can share with me, you will get a little hate just a tiny tiny bit of hate and yes you are sharing a bus with 5 men 4 you hardly know." I smile at her while I park the car. Wow nice house.

"Do you want me to help you get your bags?" I ask hoping she says yes.

"Yesh pwease." She says in her cute baby voice. I chuckle and get out the car and open her car door.

"There you are m'lady." I say In a fake british accent.

"Why thank you kind sir." She says back. We hook are arms together and she lets out a little giggle. I smile and we walk up to her house she unchains our arms and lets us in.

"Its not much but ya know it will have to do." She says dully. Not much my ass... Its awesome!!! She gets her case and comes to the hallway I'm in. I grab the suit case and walk back to the car, put it in the boot. Once again I open the door for her and before she got in she kissed my cheek and got in. My face brightened up. I got in the car my self and set off back to the tour bus.

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