50 Ways To Say Goodbye

As a child, Madison had always been happy. She loved her mom as if she was her whole world, and suddenly she's passed away and her friends abandoned her.

Left alone, Madison runs her own life, under her rules. Slowly she begins to ruin herself, but can someone change that?


7. 7


He had come over again yesterday and now I am forced to sit in the car with him for thirty minutes as he drove us to school.

He constantly asked me questions, pretending to care, when I honestly knew he didn't. I just wanted this hell of a day to be over. Since I already wanted that, I knew this would be the slowest day of my life.

Tired of his voice and annoying questions, I put my earphones in and played the Beatles. I put it as loud as it took until his voice was finally drowned out. I closed my eyes and let myself drift off into a land where mom was still here, this boy was gone, and I could watch the Beatles play a kick-ass concert.

All the sudden my ear phones are ripped out of my ears and the sun is beating on my face. "What the hell?!" I yelled.

"We're at school!" The Boy yelled.

I picked up my bag and got out of the car, pushing him back, slamming the car door behind me. I started walking to any random area just to get away from him.

He had long legs and easily caught back up to me. "We're early so I wanted to meet everyone."

I pulled out my map and found out exactly where I needed to go. I made my ways through the halls, keeping my head down and avoiding meeting eyes with anyone. As I was walking I had put my music back in and took a while to notice the Boy had left.

Relieved, I pulled off to the side and started smoking. Kids stared at me as they walked by and I knew what they thought. I was some high school punk who didn't care. Maybe they were right. I didn't care about myself. What they didn't know was I had straight A's and I changed schools because Blake and Miranda thought the kids at school made me this way.

A small group of boys walked up to me. "Hey. Wanna share." One asked without a questioning tone.

I lifted the box to him and he grabbed it from my hands, took one, passed the box around to his friends, then gave it back.

"Got a lighter?" He asked.

I gently threw it up to him. He lit it and did the same as last time, lighting everyone's before returning it.

"You new here?"

I nodded my head and took another drag.

"You smoke pot?" He asked as he pulled a bag out of his jacket pocket along with a pipe.

I nodded my head and threw the remains of my cigarette on the ground.

All of the sudden, the Boy was walking by and saw us. He turned to us, saw us smoking, and saw the pot in the guy's hand. He stomped towards me. "What are you doing?!" He yelled at me. "I left you for one second to visit my girlfriend and you kept walking! What are you doing?!" He took my pack of cigarettes and threw them, as he also took the guy's pot and threw it too.

"What are you doing, kid?" The guy asked, angry.

The Boy leaped towards him. I thought he would've been dead, but after a few seconds the other guy was on the floor and Logan had a tight grip on him. He tightened his grip more and the guy winced. After a few more seconds of torture, he let him go. The guy quickly got up, and avoided eye contact with everyone.

The Boy pulled me up and started to drag me away. "What the f-- What do you think you're doing?!" He corrected himself.

I was still surprised. I stopped walking and looked at him. "How did you do that?"

"I was in wrestling up until last year. If you leave my side one more time, so help me, I will hunt you down, and whatever boy you're with, and you'll both be dead." He took a few more steps and opened the door to a classroom. There was only a teacher in it. "Mr. Harrison, this is Madison Weir."

He smiled at me with his soft smile. He was older. His eyes held so much knowledge and truth behind them, yet they seemed to be dimmed down. Like he was so much brighter as a child. So much hope in the past. "I'm Mr. Harrison. Nice to meet you." He greeted me with British his accent.

The Boy and Mr. Harrison stared at me for a reply they weren't going to get.

"Ah, you'll be sitting here. Front row." Harrison pointed to seat directly in front of him.

I read the board and signs around the room. He taught English, from what I could tell.

The bell rung. The Boy tried to give me an awkward hug and left the class as students began to enter it. I sat in my seat, staring at Mr. Harrison. He seemed so peaceful and fulfilled. Looking at him made me want to find my true happiness. But happiness is only a state of mind. You can make up anything in your head and get the feeling of being 'happy', when in reality, it's a feeling you've only built up in your head for years, and think that since you're feeling a different emotion, it's 'happiness.'

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