50 Ways To Say Goodbye

As a child, Madison had always been happy. She loved her mom as if she was her whole world, and suddenly she's passed away and her friends abandoned her.

Left alone, Madison runs her own life, under her rules. Slowly she begins to ruin herself, but can someone change that?


16. 15


I looked at my TV and turned to lay on my other side. It was almost eleven PM and I couldn't fall asleep. Logan was still mad at me and I was still mad at him too. My mind kept thinking a million of different things that would happen.

All of the sudden my phone started ringing. Surprised, I picked it up from my bed side table and looked at it, debating on how important the person was for me to answer.

I was getting a FaceTime call from Logan.

I quickly got up and turned my light on. I glanced at myself in the mirror and fixed my hair. I sat back down and answered it. "Hello...?" I asked confused.

On the screen Logan was holding a guitar. He started singing. "You'll never know how much I really love you/ you'll never know how much I really care." He started to play the guitar. "Listen/ Do You Want To Know a Secret?/ do you promise not to tell?/ Whoa, closer/ let me whisper in your ear/ all the things you want to hear/ I'm in love with you/ ooooooh."

I smiled and started blushing. "That's beautiful, Logan. Good song and artist choice."

He started to lightly strum the guitar so it was barely audible. "Madison... I know that you don't want a boyfriend, or maybe just not ME as your boyfriend, but will you go on a date with me? We don't have to be 'boyfriend and girlfriend', but you said you don't know me that well, I want you to know me better."

I smiled. "Okay, okay."

"Yes!" He yelled. "Friday at eight!"

I laughed. "It's only Tuesday!"

He smiled. "It's more time for us to hang out. Okay, I'll see you in the morning. Good night. Sweet dreams!" He blew me a kiss and hung up.

I smiled, my cheeks still burning.

After I calmed myself down, I laid back down. Finally happy, it was easy for me to fall asleep.


Logan leaned in, getting ready to kiss me.

All of the sudden, it wasn't me. It was his ex girlfriend, Norma.

I watched as he kissed her and she kissed him back. She put her hands in his hair and as the minutes rolled by, the kiss kept getting more and more heated.

It was like I was being forced to be quiet. I tried to yell and scream, I tried moving my arms, but nothing worked. Nothing came out, and I was frozen.

Norma pulled away and they both looked at me. "I win." She simply said as they started to kiss again.


Logan shook me awake. "Madison! Madison!"

I sat up, trying to breath. I stared at him with my eyes wide.

"Are you okay?!" He asked me. "I waited outside for a few minutes but you never woke up! School starts soon!"

I calmed my breathing. "It was just a-- a bad dream. Don't worry. I'll go get ready."

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