50 Ways To Say Goodbye

As a child, Madison had always been happy. She loved her mom as if she was her whole world, and suddenly she's passed away and her friends abandoned her.

Left alone, Madison runs her own life, under her rules. Slowly she begins to ruin herself, but can someone change that?


11. 11


As soon as the bell rung I was already walking to my next and final class of the day. Studying the map during class and the small amount of people in the halls made me reach my class easily and quickly, helping me avoid confrontation with Logan.

I got in class before most of the people arrived and it went by quickly.

The bell to leave rang and I was already out of my seat as soon as it did. Quickly walking out of the school, I made my way through the small amounts of people that were already out. When I reached the front of the school someone had ran up to me and tapped on my shoulder.

"Hi!" Logan smiled at me, panting a little. He looked around, confused. "Where are you going?" He was still smiling at me.

My mind thought ten million things at once and all that came out was "I.. I-I.. Uh--"

"Let me take your bag." His smile got bigger, if that's possible, and he took my bag off my shoulder and put it on his. "Ready to go?"

My ears were burning as I nodded my head. Logan was cute, funny, charming, a little weird, and all around the dream guy for any girl.

But I knew that he wasn't meant for me. He wasn't even meant to hang out with me. I would never change, and I knew that. He had so much hope and desperation, I will be devastated when he finally realizes that.

He walked me to his car, walking awfully close to me. I could feel his warm light skin against mine, and it made my cheeks burn.

"Did you like school?" He asked, starting small talk. He looked me in the eyes when speaking, and his smile never faded.

"Uh, yeah. It was great."

"I'm so glad. Where did you go durning passing period for sixth period?" He asked as we reached his car. He set our stuff in the back seat and opened my door then walked to his own and got in.

I thought quick. "I had seen the guys from earlier and I wanted to avoid them."

He looked at me surprised, happy, and thankful. "I thought it had to do with... Uh..." He didn't finish his sentence as he pulled out of the parking space and his face blushed crimson.

I blushed too, looking straight ahead. "No..." I lied.

He did a sigh of relief and continued the small talk. He seemed better now. His face had a small bruise and a cut, but both were barely noticeable. The smile on his red cheeks made him look like he's never been in a fight. His attitude was clearly happy, like he hadn't seen his girlfriend cheating on him today.

After he discussed what had happened in his classes, the funny and weird things, we pulled up to his house. He opened my door and got our things. I offered to carry my stuff but he rejected.

When we walked inside, a woman was in the kitchen. "Darling?" She cooed.

"It's me, ma. I have someone for your to meet." Logan called as we walked to the kitchen. "Ma, this is Madison."

His mother turned around to face us. She was beautiful. She was skinny, young, and had the perfect face. She extended her hand to me with a smile plastered on her face. "Nice to meet you, Darling. I'm Ann. You're very beautiful!" She added as we quickly shook hands.

My cheeks lightly blushed and I thanked her. "You are too. You're stunning."

She gently pushed her blonde hair out of her face, smiled, and rolled her eyes saying "oh please, Darling. Logan, your father is at the country club. He said he'd be there for a while."

Logan picked up an apple and bit into it. "Okay. Thanks, ma. See ya. We're gonna go study."

"Ta ta!" She sang.

Logan lead me to his room, which thankfully wasn't upstairs.

We walked in and I recognized it from the night he saved me. I sat down at his desk and he sat down on his bed.

"You guys are pretty rich, I assume?" I asked.

"My dad works as an agent. He gets paid pretty well." He took another bite of his apple as he opened his binder.

"Huh..." I nodded.

* * *

Logan dropped me off at home with my home work all done and a belly full of food. It was seven and my family had already eaten.

I walked into the house and Blake greeted me.

"I was with Logan." I explained.

He smiled. "I know."

I nodded and walked into my room. Pulling out a paper and pen I began to write my letter.

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