My Step-Brother

Annabelle Romande, but known as Annie, lives in a 20 story apartment building where anyone who visits regularly or even lives there knows her name. Living with her 4 year divorced Mother her life consists of the everyday routine.
But what happens when Annie's mom suddenly surprises her with some terrifying news? Her mothers new finance welcomes them into his home, his life and now his sons career. Totally shocked she finds out that his son, her new Step-Brother, happens to be Niall Horan from One Direction.
What happens when their forced to get along? And when she gets dragged into his practices and meets rest of the Band? Will some romance flare up or will she run away from it all. Read the book to find out how Annabelle Romande deals with it all.


1. Beginning of It All

I open my underly slept eyes to see my mom beaming at me. I groan and try to roll over on my side but her hands clasp around my shoulders to stop me. 

"Oh no you don't. Annie it's almost 7:30, your gonna be late for school" She says helping me out of bed. I open my eyes wide realizing she's right. 

"OH no! Not again. Out, out ,out!" I say, pushing my mom out of my room. I hear her laugh as she makes her way down the hall and into the kitchen. I make my way into my small walk-in closet and search for the outfit i have planned the night before. After a few minutes of cleaning up the clothing on the floor find the pieces and put them on. I stare at myself in the mirror and do i few turns. I have tight light blue skinny jeans on with a black tight top. I throw on a small white scarf and my gold chain necklace that has a bright blue heart crystal in the middle of it. I always wear it 24/7 unless i'm sleeping, but sometimes i don't even take it off, i just leave it there. 

I start to feel tears prickle my eyes as i recall when i got it. It was late December about 4 years ago, It had been a week after my parents had divorced, and i stood their standing by my fathers side as he lay on what i didn't know then, was his death bed. He had gotten into a car crash and now we were in the hospital, about to leave when my mom said she would give me some time alone with him. I had noticed a gleam of light from the window behind me reflect on something in his bag on the ground. I bent down and brought out what was a small red box. I heard the nurse enter the room and quickly threw the box in my bag before she saw it. Later that night when i was alone in my old room, i opened it to find a beautiful necklace that had a blue crystal heart. Attached to it was a small note. I had only scanned it but by what my eyes caught, it was for me. So i could always have a part of him with me. 

I shake my head and walkout of my room and into the bathroom. Usually I never recalled what happened to him, but lately that's all that has been going threw my mind.  I open the bathroom door and fell the rush of air hit me. Every night my mom sprays the bathroom with lavender sprites and closes the door, so every morning when i open it i get hit with the scent. I close my eyes and breath it in for a few seconds, until i remember i'm running a little late. 

I open up the bottom drawer in the cabinets and pull out my make-up bag. I apply Maybelline New York Master Drama Midnight Master Eyeliner and The Colossal Volume Express Cat Eyes Mascara to my eyes. I add the smallest amount of golden eye shadow to my eyes, so it gives them a slight shine. I bat my very blue eyes and smile. Then i add a little concealer, powder to set my makeup still, then a little besiege blush to my checks. I then quickly brush my long black hair and straighten it. I nod my head in agreement and force my feet to walk into the kitchen. I find her standing by the oven, making grilled cheese. 

"None for me. I hate how the guy-in the back seat gives me a look whenever i eat breakfast on the bus" I say, collecting my study books from the dinning table and into my backpack. I give her a quick kiss goodbye, throw on my black boots and leave our apartment. Yea that's right. We live in an apartment. It's not one of those small rundown ones wither.It's about 20 stories high, with about 10 to 12 rooms of each floor. And I know everyone. 


By the time i get to my school,  classes start in the next 10 minutes. I quickly run to my locker and throw everything in. I take out my books for my next class, Science, and go to close my locker, but it doesn't shut. 

I notice a brown small heeled boot with two dark brown buckles and white sheep fur at the top, prompting itself against the door of my locker. I manage a small laugh and it moves it's foot out of the way.

"I know you were gonna be late. French Vanilla Latte?" Cameron says handing my Latte to me. I sign and start walking with her to my first class.

"I really don't know what I would do without you, especially in the mornings" I say taking a sip. I close my eyes for a brief second and feel the warmth go though my throat.

"I don't think anyone would know what to do in the mornings if it weren't for me" she says talking a sip of her Latte. As self centred as it sounds, it's not.

All the Cafés around here are on the left side of town, while our high school is on the right. Most of our friends arrive late, meaning by the time they walk there and back, there already late for class. It also doesn't help that they live on the right side of town. But Cameron gets driven in by her brother, and they live on the left like me, so she drives right past it and just like almost every other morning she picks everyone up a latte. But of course we pay her back.

I take a few more sips at my Latte before walking up the steps to the science wing. You see on the back left of the school there's a cold hallway leading to a set of double stairs. Once you reach the top of the stairs you get hit by a sudden blast of heat, and keep walking you'll reach about 4 different science rooms.

"Oh hey I forgot to tell you. Mitch's party this weekend? Yea big bust. His brother was caught by his mother buying alcohol for him and then totally found out about the party. No more plans for this weekend" she says frowning.

I stare at her quickly and notice something different. Instead of her usual pulled back hair, she let a few curly strands fall out of her bun, framing her face a little better. Cameron was always the one to party, and to be the pretty one. Long Blonde hair, perfect oval face with bright green eyes and natural long lashes. Even though everyone knew her hair was long, she always kept it up in some sort of new braid, bun, or pony tail. Even at home, only I have actually seen her full hair being down once before, and that was on accident when I arrive at her house a little early than expected.

"That totally sucks. No wonder I haven't seen him in the hallways. His mom probably had the last straw and shipped him to some military train for for bad boys" I say setting my stuff on my desk. "But anyways, I wouldn't of been able to go. Mom said this weekend were meeting up with The Dick" I say, sitting down.

About a year after my father died, my mom meet some rich guy named Rick. But I never liked him, because he tried to be like my dad but no matter how hard he tried or how many things he bought me, he could never be like my dad. So hence the fact I hate him, and his name is Rick, we ended up coming up with a code name 'The Dick'

Cameron groans and sits in the seat next to me. "God he's so gay. Well have fun with that, remember to FaceTime me by the pool again..." She winks "...and don't forget to tell me what he tried and bribes you with this time." She laughs. I smile at her and nod.

Rest of the day went by really quick. The classes were easy and lunch seemed only like minutes, so by the time I got on the bus and was sitting in my living room, it had only felt like I woke up minutes ago. My mom walks in with a huge grin on her face as she sets some things down. I notice their not her everyday grocery store bags, their shopping bags. And there from the expensive rich stores.

She beams another smile at me and I suddenly know something must have happened. She passes some bags to me as I notice their filled with shirts and jeans and shoes I've only dreamed of. Yea, we lived in basically a condo apartment, but these stores sold usual 6$ shirts for 40$. Same brands and everything.

I get up and walk towards her. "Uhm, mom. Is everything okay?" I say. She turns around from the kitchen and smiles, again.

"Oh course. In fact, I have exciting news!" I take a step back, noticing that this kind if news is good for her, but maybe not so much for me. "Honey I know you haven't exactly warmed up to him....and I know why. But it's been a while and he makes me very happy..." She suddenly breaths out. I start shaking my head. "...and we wanted to tell you this weekend with his song their aswell but..well I wanted you to know early and..." I cut her off.

"Mom. Just spit it out." I spit at her. I don't like were this is going.

"Rick has asked me to be his wife. And I said yes. I'm now engaged hun" she says showing what looks like to be a 15carrot ring on her finger. I take in a deep breath and fall over to the floor. No. This cannot be happening. Not at all.

"Annie, are you okay? Aren't you excited!" She says rushing over to me. She tries to help me up but I push her away and get up myself.

"Yeah, just fine. Congrats. I'm happy for you. I-uh-I-I..just need some air. Cameron's shift at work ends soon and she wanted to hangout before I leave." I say, stumbling out the words, lie by lie as it goes on. I grab my leather jacket and shoes and rush to the door.

"Okay but be home by 11, and don't-" I cut her off again by shutting the door. I inhale a deep breath and rush out of the hallway and down the stairs as fast as I can.

Even though I lied about Cam wanting to meet up, her shift does end soon and right now I need food and someone to comfort me. I quickly grab my phone out of the bag I had quickly grabbed and send a quick text to her. I make my way out of the place and wave my hand for a taxi. This can not happen. This can not be the beginning of something I might truly hate.

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