The Janoskians Memorie

Layla Marie had a normal life. At the age of 12 her dad died. Ever sense her dad died her mum was in great depression. To handle her great depression she would abuse, abuse Layla. Layla was put into a foster home and her mom was sentenced to jail for Child Abuse. Layla's foster family didn't like her so they sold her. They sold her as a slave. 5 boys from LA, California bought her. Jai, James, Luke, Daniel and Beau.


2. Night 1

Chapter 2

Night 1


It's night one. 3 hours ago i arrived at a beautiful place. My new owners house.. but now my house. "Its Tuesday. You have to sleep with me." said Luke. I know that. "You know that you are not here for me to hurt you. You are not a sex slave." Luke said looking directly into Layla's eyes. Then why do i have to sleep with you guys? "Because it was Beau's idea. Beau is very sexually frustrated." I see, But that'still not right. 

"Here let me give you a tour around the house." said Daniel. Okay. We walked into the 1st room. It was the kitchen. It was like a chefs kitchen, it was huge. The next room was the Movie Room. It was alright. Like a mini theater. The 3rd room was Jai's bedroom. It was modern. Next to Jai's bedroom was mine. Then James, followed by daniel's. And then across the halls was Beau's and Luke's. After the rooms he showed me the bathroom. "This room has a lot of memories." said Daniel sadly. Why? What happened? "This was where we found my sister committed suicide." OMG! I am so sorry! I hugged Daniel. He hugged back. Why did she do that? "She was really depressed." Why? What was on her mind that made her so depressed? "She never really told anybody. Not even her best friend Julia." Oh my goodness Daniel i am so so so sorry. I went in for another hug. Daniels face began to turn red and his eyes started to water. Awe Daniel. Please don't cry i said as we were hugging. 

James walked in when we were hugging and Daniel started to cry. "Why is Daniel crying? Ohh. Its the bathroom. I am sorry Daniel." said James.

Layla's P.O.V 

I feel so sorry for Daniel. I just had the urge to kiss him then when he started to cry. I am going to take a shower. "Okay" said all of the boys. I hopped into the shower. When i was done it was dinner. We were having tacos from Taco Bell. "Its diner Layla!" Said Beau. I know i am just now getting out of the shower.. about to change then i will be there, I screamed back. I didn't have a clue what clothes i had so i just put on the fist thing i seen. I opened my drawer and seen that they had bought me lots of clothes. Including 2 dressers and a closet full of clothes. I had put on a black and pink lace bra and panties i had seen. I put on a purple and white PINK v-neck i found and some black yoga pants. 

Dinner passed and it was now around 10:00. I was really tired and headed to Luke's room to go to sleep. I had seen he was already in there playing FIFA. "Wanna join me?" Nawh i am good. Im not really into video games. He turned off his game cause i didn't want to play and he didn't want me to be lonely. He joined me on his bed. "You have really nice eyes." He said. Really? i don't think so. "You do!" And you know what you have? "And whats that?" A nice body for sure! "And maybe you can have some then." Ha! I don't think so. I just got here today and want to make the other boys think that i am a slut. Not tonight. "Okay." He said sadly. Maybe some other time.  

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