The Janoskians Memorie

Layla Marie had a normal life. At the age of 12 her dad died. Ever sense her dad died her mum was in great depression. To handle her great depression she would abuse, abuse Layla. Layla was put into a foster home and her mom was sentenced to jail for Child Abuse. Layla's foster family didn't like her so they sold her. They sold her as a slave. 5 boys from LA, California bought her. Jai, James, Luke, Daniel and Beau.


1. My new Owners.

Chapter 1

A Perfect Life


Summer 2013. There was a girl age 16 living with her foster parents.

"Layla!" screamed Layla's foster mum. What could you possibly want? "You're new owners are here." Owners? WHAT! "Yes owners, I sold you to 5 boys. You are moving with them. You will slave for them till they sale you."

Layla's P.O.V

I cant believe my mum sold me. This really could not have been happening! I don't even know who the people are who are going to take me! I don't think my mum knows them either. I am just gonna have to deal with it. I just cant believe i am going have to be a slave! How dare that poor bitch sale me! She probably just wanted the money.

"Come with us. If we leave now we will get there around 5:00." said one of the 5 boys. Wait... its going to take 6 hours to get there? Where the hell are we even going? "We are going back to where we live. "Well where is that? In LA, California."


They arrive at their house


We pool into a huge white house. About 20 times the size of my foster home. Whoa! Where are we? "We are at your new home. This is where you are going to be living for now on." They get settled in the house. "Okay you will be fine if you just follow these 2 rules. 1) Do what we say without a fight 2) You will sleep with Jai on Monday, Luke on Tuesday, James on Wednesday, Me on Thursday and Daniel on Friday.

Layla's P.O.V

OMG! I have to sleep with them? My life couldn't get any better. "We are going to introduce ourselves. Hi i am Jai." Jai had brown short hair and brown eyes. He was so adorable. "Hello i am Luke!" Luke looked exactly like Jai. "Me and Jai are twins. I am Beau." Beau had brown hair to. But he also had the prettiest eyes i have ever seen. They were a blueish sparkly green color. "Hello beautiful i am James." Now James was cute. He had brown hair and brown eyes to."Lastly i am Daniel, The craziest of all." Oh my god. He was good looking. Daniel was muscular and had blonde and brown hair with blue eyes. It was a tie between him and beau of who was the cutest.

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