Iron love

Anna stark,daughter of tony stark(iron man),and her friends are super heroes but not any super heroes they are the kids of the avengers since they were little they have been friends but Anna wants to be more than friends with harry,son of captain america.what will happen when they go to camp with the young x-men. Will Anna and harry finally be together or will the struggle of being heroes come between them. Read to find out more!!


5. Saving dad

When i dream either my dreams come true or they come close to the truth. As i am was dreaming i saw my dad and the avengers."Dad"? I tried to call out but he couldn't hear me. I looked around and these two machines were pointed at them thats when i released that they were trapped i tried to run to them but it was too late that machine went "ZAP" and my dad and the avengers were gone. Dad was gone... 
I woke up to haley and tori around me. I was covered in sweat."Anna are you okay you were screaming and crying in your sleep" haley asked. Haley knew about the dreams so she knew why what was happing was happing."Please get me my phone"i asked and tori went to get it as soon as she came back i hit the speed dial number and listened for it to ring. 
D:hello Anna
A:dad tell me your alright
D:yea why did you have a dream again
A:yea look I'm on my was stay where you are
D:I'm at home Anna its 2am
A:i don't care I'm on my way 
I hung up and got dressed to talk to professor xavier. When i opens the door he was there."Sir i need to leav-" he cut me off." Anna dear i know i have mind powers good ahead do you want the others"?"No i don't want them to get hurt just let them know after i leave"."As you wish ms.stark"." Thank you sir". I hated to leave harry but i couldn't lose him too. Luckily wolverine was kind enough to give me a ride,thanks to his daughter asking. When i got home the place was messy and trashed oh no. I ran into mom and dad's room and only mom was there on the floor not moving. I ran over there to her and shaked her body."Mom come on wake up please don't leave me please i need you please wake up please i can't lose you your my best friend" finally she woke up and i grabbed her into a hug and she just sat there cradling me." Mom where is dad"? She lost her smile and said " Anna someone has took your dad". Usually my dreams don't happen this fast." We will find him,love" harry said behide me.(h=harry)
A:i thought you were still at camp
H:couldn't let you go by yourself but you were going to leave me be hind we are a team and more important your my girlfriend if something happened to you i wouldn't have a reason to leave
A:harry thats why i didn't get you i don't want to lose you i almost lost my mom i cant lose you and now i might lose my dad
H:then we will find him together
As we went back to camp we got the others and i filled them in and we geared up. Everyone called their parents and only my dad was taken. Thor showed up a few secs later and black widow,hawk eye,hulk,and captain america showed up in a hour. Hawk eye walked up to me and told me how proud he was that i was doing great but really told haley how proud he was. Same with black w she hugged me and said she was proud and then said " we will find you dad if i know him he always puts up a fight"and thats when i remembered dad never takes off his bracket they are for his suit which acts as a tracker i knew he wasn't crazy for wearing them."guys you remember dad's bracelets well they have a built in tracker that can help us find him,i just need to get into dad's lab".was we headed back home i was hoping i wouldn't be late. Dad hang in there I'm on my way.


So what did yall think i hope you guys liked you think she will find her dad or will she lose harry trying to save her sad keeping reading leave some awesome comments and like and dav this book thank you guys.

as always stay beautiful! 

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