Iron love

Anna stark,daughter of tony stark(iron man),and her friends are super heroes but not any super heroes they are the kids of the avengers since they were little they have been friends but Anna wants to be more than friends with harry,son of captain america.what will happen when they go to camp with the young x-men. Will Anna and harry finally be together or will the struggle of being heroes come between them. Read to find out more!!


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There is two ways to get into the lab either have Jarvis open it or a tunnel underground.
"A=Jarvis i need you to open the lab up
J=Miss Anna i can not open the lab it seems my system is not allowing me
A=Seems they locked it from the inside i guess we will have to take the tunnels". 
We all got in my dads car and drove to the entrance. The entrance is in the tunnels of a subway station surprising right. When we got there we found out it was abandoned."Why isn't anyone here"? Thats when we heard the crying.
(D&Bs=demon bite/black shadow)
"A=Hello who is there,I'm iron girl I'm here to help.
D=No nobody wants to help me they are all afraid of me.
A=I'm not please come out". Just then a girl about my age with i guess strawberry blonde hair came out of the dark.
"D=I'm demon bite i can shape shift and do some other stuff.
A=Well demon bite are you good or bad.
D=Bad but i want to be good.
A=Well if you want to be good we have to give you a new name how bout Black shadow.
Bs=That's perfect
A=Well welcome to the team Black Shadow."

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