Iron love

Anna stark,daughter of tony stark(iron man),and her friends are super heroes but not any super heroes they are the kids of the avengers since they were little they have been friends but Anna wants to be more than friends with harry,son of captain america.what will happen when they go to camp with the young x-men. Will Anna and harry finally be together or will the struggle of being heroes come between them. Read to find out more!!


8. Friend or Foe

So now we have a new member. Not that I'm not happy but i don't know if we can trust her. I leaned in and whispered to Harry,
"A=I don't think we can trust her harry
H=then why did you let her join the team
A=cause i didn't want her to get specious". 
We started walking towards the lab door. Harry grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear"its going to be ok". Just then i heard a scream. A scream i knew. It was my dad's screams. i broke from harry's hand and started to run as fast as i could so fast my lungs almost gave out. When i got to the door i punched in the code. I pushed the door open. There he was;on the machine. The machine i was scared of. The one i know that will take my dad away. But i couldn't move i was frozen from horror that one move would spark something and he would be gone. The rest of the group came in after me. After they all walked in the door slammed shut on us. The mastermind was in here and we were trapped. I turned around to the face of my fathers kidnapper. I couldn't believe it i knew we couldn't trust her."Black shadow.....why".  

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