Iron love

Anna stark,daughter of tony stark(iron man),and her friends are super heroes but not any super heroes they are the kids of the avengers since they were little they have been friends but Anna wants to be more than friends with harry,son of captain america.what will happen when they go to camp with the young x-men. Will Anna and harry finally be together or will the struggle of being heroes come between them. Read to find out more!!


4. First day finally over

I couldn't believe harry kissed me! I had archery next and i had to tell haley. Me and harry walked i and quickly ran up to me," are you ok! I told Mr. Cyclops off and he said he was sorry and of course professor xavier knows about it". Then i asked harry to go wait for me by the other so i could talk to haley alone. "Haley you will never believe what happen,harry kissed me on the lips for like forever!" I said and the look she she had on her face was the reaction i was hoping for." Anna thats amazing was it good,never mind,no tell me was it good"? I smiled and we talked about it till we got to the boys. My brother,Liam,has always been supportive when it came to harry even though they were buddies first. Liam looked at me smiled and gave me a thumbs up. All i could do was smile and laugh. Class started and i didn't know the teacher so i just tried to listen. She wanted to see how good we were and haley was up first. Of course she was amazing as always shooting 10's on all five shots. After the rest of the people went i was last. I got up and did everything haley and hawk eye taught me. Breath in,breath out, aim and shot. Oh my god i got a 10! I shot the 4 i had left. Three tens and two nines. Haley was the best and i was second,can't wait to tell dad and hawk eye. After martial arts, we had lunch. I finished early and decided to call dad. Ring, ring,(d=dad a=anna)
A:hey dad
D:hey beautiful!,hows camp!
A:great i'm second place in archery and martial arts
D:that's great i will tell everyone else hawk eye and black widow will be very proud your getting better
A:yeah i would do great but we all know zayn is the best fighter and haley is the best archer 
D:yeah well i have to go i will let your mom know too tell your brother i love him bye sweetheart love you
A:love you too dad bye"
When i got back i let Liam know what dad said. After language was the one class i know i will be number one in. We walk in and see my favorite x-men,beast. Turns out his favorite avenger is my dad. He starts the class by telling everyone about himself they says today we are making freeze guns the first thing i learned how to make. I was done in 5 minutes and harry was still laying the parts out. I helped him and when we got done the whole class was done. Since i got done first i went first. He brought someone for us to try it on and it was cyclops. I smiled and everyone laughed. It was his punishment for earlier and he knew i was in this class and i aimed my gun and "ZAP" he was frozen. Beast checked it out and melted him with a liquid and said " Congrats Anna,one hundred, he couldn't even use his eyes fantastic job!" Everyone went and one kid built a fire gun instead and caught his clothes on fire quickly i froze him putting the fire out and the beast used the liquid and unfroze him." Thank you Anna i owe you" cyclops said and i just nodded. That night harry walked me to my cabin. I was staying with haley and tori."goodnight love,sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite"harry said. I replied" goodnight harry". I called dad telling him about weapons class he said"that's my girl keeping the skills going". After we hung up i changed into my pjs and fell asleep.

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