Iron love

Anna stark,daughter of tony stark(iron man),and her friends are super heroes but not any super heroes they are the kids of the avengers since they were little they have been friends but Anna wants to be more than friends with harry,son of captain america.what will happen when they go to camp with the young x-men. Will Anna and harry finally be together or will the struggle of being heroes come between them. Read to find out more!!


3. Camp

When we arrived at camp everyone ran off the bus except the young avengers. It was weird cause we weren't x-men. We got of the bus,me and harry being last. When our friends turned around and saw that i was holding harry's hand,they all cheered. Haley came up to me and hugged me,she knew i wanted this for a long time and it finally came true. Everyone knew we would;harry's dad and my dad being sorta the leaders of the group we were like "meant to be". When professor xavier approached us it grew dead silent before he spoke. "Welcome young avengers i'm looking forward to training and teaching you. As you know,girls sleep on one side of the camp and the boys on the other. You may see each other just not in the cabins. Storm will give you your class schedules. Storm". Storm handed me mine.
4.Martial Arts
5.Language Arts
Of course,everyone one had the same classes except Louis and Niall since the rest of us didn't really have powers they had to take some different classes. Niall got anger management,extra lunch,and extra dinner. Louis got a private class with storm to learn how to control thunder and lighting,magic spells,and ruling lessons. Other than that we have the same. "We gave you the same in chase something happens and you need to leave you won't leave anyone behind" professor xavier said. As we went to math i knocked into someone. "Oh sorry i wasn't watching were i was going",she said,"hi my name is tori, I'm wolverine's daughter"."oh nice to meet you,i'm Anna stark,iron man's daughter" i said. She smiled as we heard the bell ring meaning class is about to start we exchanged phone numbers and we split in different ways. The teacher was cyclops which means is he takes his glasses off and your in the way well bye bye. Before he could speak he made eye contact with me well glasses contact with me. He spoke"are you iron man's little girl?". Little girl? I'm 15 years old thats not little but i didn't  say that and just nodded. Harry didn't like where this was going cause he tensed up his hand that was holding mine forgetting he had a lot of strength. Finally he saw he was hurting me and let go. Cyclops spoke again "lets get something straight i don't like your dad,either behave or leave". Wow i was shocked i was only a little like my dad,i had his smarts and building skills but everything was my mom. I got up walked to the door and said "I will not be talked to like that. I have not done anything wrong and if you hate me because of my dad then grow up and stop being a child" i then left.

Harry's POV

She left and i knew why he had said things that hurt her and he knew he regretted it when he said it. I ran after her and found her by the fountain." Anna don't listen to him he is a jerk No Body should say things like that to anyone especially my girl". When i said my girl my stomach felt like butterflies released and i leaned in for what felt like forever then our lips finally meet. I love her.


"My girl" the way he said it sent shivers,the good ones,down my spine. I blushes feeling his breath on my skin i knew what he was going to do i leaned in and our lips touched for the first time. I love him.


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