Taking A Lebenese-Aussie

Ashley and Wednesday have waited since freshman year to move to Australia, on the last day of being seniors at IHS (Ithaca High School) they are finally ready to move to start there new lives, not realizing that they move in right next to world famous #notaboyband YouTube prank group called The Janoskians.


9. Technically not an update:

Okay guys soo chapters will be getting longer and perspective's may not be by everyone just yet but don't freak, I promise it will get better, Lucy will be coming soon and her and Beau will get some time alone I need some ideas tho for names for James Gf i really don't have a clue. Oh and please keep reading along i promise it will get better and just to give you an idea of whats going to happen...hopefully I don't make you cry in chapter 12 :) ill try my best but no promises. :{D love you lotsxxx love, ashk*:)

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