Taking A Lebenese-Aussie

Ashley and Wednesday have waited since freshman year to move to Australia, on the last day of being seniors at IHS (Ithaca High School) they are finally ready to move to start there new lives, not realizing that they move in right next to world famous #notaboyband YouTube prank group called The Janoskians.


11. Chapter 9: Skip's Perspective:

*Chapter 9:*

*Skip's Perspective":*

I did it without throwing up on her! I wasn't nervous anymore, I felt like I was invincible standing arm and arm, I was confused at first but then I went 

with it. "Hey want to get some pizza?" I was hoping she'd say yes cause I was in the mood for some. "Sure, I love pizza." We started walking to the 

nearest Domino's shop in the mall. We ordered a large pepperoni with extra cheese. "Do you like parties?" She looked at me confused, "Uh yea why?" 

"Well I was thinking since you guys are new to the neighborhood we should have a welcome party for you guys." She honestly looked really 

happy when I said that. "Yea buddy, we should have it at my house." "Well if we're having it at your house then me and the boys should invite the 

guests seeming as we know everyone around here." She smiled and nodded, taking her third slice of pizza. "Damn, you must really like food, I hope you 

drink like you eat cause I'm bringing liquor." She smirked at me finish her last bite, "Sorry, yea I can eat like a pig sometimes, food is my life, and yea I guess I do drink like I eat."

"Not many guys like me after they find out how I eat." I smiled at her and opened up my arms. "Don't worry, I still like you, and not only because you 

eat like I do, but because your beautiful and sweet." She finally came into my hug. "So should we go tell the boys about the party?" "Yea come on, 

oh hey you can finally meet Lucy then." "Who's Lucy?" "Oh you're gonna love her, she Beau's "friend" but everyone knows that they secretly 

want to be in a relationship, but neither of them want to take the chances of asking each other out, none of us know why."

"Well maybe Lucy, Wednesday, and I will get along with each other, and we'll be able to get her to ask him out." "Yea, maybe, let's hope so."

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