Taking A Lebenese-Aussie

Ashley and Wednesday have waited since freshman year to move to Australia, on the last day of being seniors at IHS (Ithaca High School) they are finally ready to move to start there new lives, not realizing that they move in right next to world famous #notaboyband YouTube prank group called The Janoskians.


8. Chapter 7: Ashley's Perspective (Part 2):

*CHAPTER7:* (Part2) 

*Ashley's Perspective:*


I turned to turn the music down seeing out of the corner of my eye he was staring at me so I smiled sweetly at him, just to see him smile back, his smile made me want to melt.

"Is it big?" I looked at him not knowing what he was asking me. "Huh?" "New York, is it big where your from?" Oh... I soo forgot he didn't know anything about me none of them did we 

had only met just this morning barely anytime to get to know someone, but it didn't feel like we didn't know each other, it felt like we knew each other since before primary. "Yes, and No. We 

have State Parks like everywhere in Ithaca, they are all beautiful and they're a pain to hike but the view is worth it, the only downside is that Ithaca is small and i wish there was more to see 

its only about 10 square miles.. Haha." I snickered in the end at the joke in my head, he looked at me puzzled. "What's funny?" "Oh nothing." He continued to stare intensely for a 

couple more seconds (which really felt like hours) curious as to why I snickered. "Oh come on how are we supposed to be friends if you can't even let me in on a joke?" He was right... Wait, 

what? Hold the phone did he really just play that card? He makes it sound like i'm the bad guy here. We got out of the car and waited for the boys and Wednesday to reach us, when they 

finally got to my car I started up again, "Ithaca is literally 10 square miles surrounded by reality, that's what I was laughing about." "I don't get it." Beau looked at me confusion written all over his face.

"Let me finish," "Right go on." "Ithaca is only 10square miles right? Well a lot off people are like in everybody's business, hippies are real 'natural' and shit like that, there are very few 

sane people in Ithaca besides me and Wednesday. Everything else around Ithaca is reality thus the nickname '10 square miles surrounded by reality', me and Wednesday have wanted to 

move to Australia since Freshman year in high school, or as you boys would most likely say year 9 in secondary.?" I looked at everyone and Wednesday just looked back at me. 

She decided to break the silence. "Yea we thought that we could start fresh, and be somewhere where people weren't as weird as where we came from."They all laughed and I got 

defensive, "Is there a problem with that?" "No its just that you chose to hang with people that aren't as 'normal' as you think." "Beau what do you mean?" They started laughing 

again and I was getting fed up with it, I could tell Wednesday was getting tense too. Why did they keep laughing? Did they think we or I was 

stupid? After they finished their laughing moment Skip finally spoke 
'Babe have you heard of the Janoskians?" OMG!! I'm fffreaking out right now, he just called me 'Babe'. 

Keep your cool ash just keep your cool.
"Maybe, aren't they like 5 kids that prank or whatever, their name stands for like 'Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation, S for plural 

cause there is more than one." I was still smiling at the fact of Skip calling me 'Babe'. "Yea that's actually correct, you've never seen them?" Skip looked 

at me confused, "No." "Heard of them?" "Nope." "You don't know anything about them?" "Nada... Skip 
why do you care if I do, or don't know them?" "Because, we are the Janoskians."

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