Taking A Lebenese-Aussie

Ashley and Wednesday have waited since freshman year to move to Australia, on the last day of being seniors at IHS (Ithaca High School) they are finally ready to move to start there new lives, not realizing that they move in right next to world famous #notaboyband YouTube prank group called The Janoskians.


4. Chapter 3: Wednesday's Perspective:


*Wednesday's Perspective*

"Yes mom, I know... We're fine you don't have to send any money down here." Ashley walked through the door at that 

point. "No, no tell her yes she can send as much money as she wants down here. Believe me, we could use it." "Ok, mom... 

Mommy yes... yes you can send as much money as you want. Ok well I have to put groceries away, ok bye, I Love You 

Mom!" Ashley handed me two bags of groceries and headed back out the door for more. All of a sudden I heard a 

males voice, I thought Ashley had turned on the t.v. But I remember that she had to go get more groceries out of the 

car. When I walked into the living room I found her and two boys walking through the door with more groceries. "Just go 

straight a little bit then turn left on the second door." "Hi I'm Luke." The first boy was very fit and had a sweet voice, the 

second one was energetic and not very shy at all. "Hi I'm Daniel, but everyone calls me Skip." "Wednesday." I 

mumbled back to them. Ashley came over and whispered to me, "Isn't that Daniel kid sexy, well I mean they're both sexy 

but yo, my god!" I closed the door and walked to the kitchen to help unload. 

*Ashley's Phone Rings*

"Hello?... Yea, really? No I didn't, I thought she had six of them. I have seven. Ok, well I'm busy right now and I really 

just don't want to talk to you right now. Ok, bye." "Who was that?" I asked her. "My sister, she doesn't know if she had 

sent all the packages out to Puerto Rico." "Oh, well did she?" "I did, she forgot two but she thought they were mine." 

"What's in Puerto Rico?" Daniel asked Ashley. "Family I'm half American and half Puerto Rican." He looked up at that 

point from the box of cereal he was looking at and smiled. "That's cool we have something in common, well sort of..." 

"Really? What's that?" "You have two opposite races brought together to make a beautiful girl, and I have two opposite 

races to make me, I'm half Lebanese and half Australian." "Ooh your very sweet skip." He put a cute smile on and 

picked up another bag. *door bell rings* "I got it." At that point I ran to the door anxious but I didn't know why. 

*door opens*

"Hi I'm Beau, this is Jai my brother and James our friend." "Hi I'm Wednesday!" I was soo thrilled more sexy Aussies at 

our door. "By chance did our brother and our friend come by?" Jai chimed in breaking my day dream of getting married 

and having children with all five of them, Luke in-particularly. "Umm...yea they're in the kitchen, do you want 

to come in?" They gladly walked in looking curiously and knowing to stand at the front door and wait until I showed 

them the way. For the record I didn't want to look stupid showing the way soo I picked up a book and walked into the 

kitchen. "Skip, Luke, we're leaving soon soo yea." "Ooh yea I forgot." "Yea I forgot too." They both walked over to Beau, I 

moved to help Ashley soo that I wasn't I the way. Ashley being the dare devil that she is asked "Where are you going?" 

Skip was willing to answer immediately. "Well we were gonna go to the mall, look around and get a bite to eat, you 

girls can come if you want." "Umm yea sure, Wednesday?" "Umm yea of course! I just have to get ready come on Ash." 

"You guys can stay and wait if you want or if your leaving then you can just walk right in no need to knock." I was not expecting that."

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