Taking A Lebenese-Aussie

Ashley and Wednesday have waited since freshman year to move to Australia, on the last day of being seniors at IHS (Ithaca High School) they are finally ready to move to start there new lives, not realizing that they move in right next to world famous #notaboyband YouTube prank group called The Janoskians.


3. Chapter 2: Luke's Perspective:

*CHAPTER2:* *Luke's Perspective* "Another Meet and Greet next weekend, and this time in the Mall. Yeay!" "Lukey don't sound soo sarcastic! I think that it's kind of fun that's girls all around the world love us. It kind of never gets old." "Daniel, it's not that I don't think it's not fun or that its getting old, I'm just tired and I want a break for at least a week or two maybe even a month at the expense." "Luke,Daniel, check it two chicks just moved in next door." Beau walked in soo abruptly that I squeaked a little bit. "Wow she is beautiful, her body, her face, everything about her is gorgeous." "Luke how do you know 'everything'? You don't know if her heart is a black hole or not." "Beau I know this because, I can just feel it, she is nice, and kind, and I am going to go talk to her right now." Beau stopped me before I could go out through my bedroom door. "I don't think that's a good idea." Daniel chimed in at that point. "Why not? Her friend just got here and she is fuckin' smokin', catch you guys later" He started running down stairs and met us all in the bathroom. "You might as well freshen up before you talk to them or even try to impress them." "Yea you're right Jai."
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