Taking A Lebenese-Aussie

Ashley and Wednesday have waited since freshman year to move to Australia, on the last day of being seniors at IHS (Ithaca High School) they are finally ready to move to start there new lives, not realizing that they move in right next to world famous #notaboyband YouTube prank group called The Janoskians.


15. Chapter 10: Multiple Perspectives:


*Ashley's Perspective*

"Where's the list guys?" I've ran around the kitchen at least 50 times in the past 10 minutes trying to find the grocery list for the party. "Guys, can 

you help me find the list?" I waited for a response astonished at the fact they weren't paying any attention to me. "Fine, no one wants to help?..ok fair 

enough." I walked over to the television and unplugged the cord. A roar of 'heys' shot my way it somehow pleased me. "Finally your attention. 

Does anyone know where the list is?" I looked around at all the dumbfounded faces. "Did you look in your hand babe?" I hung my head in 

embarrassment. "Ok now that I found the list, lets go Daniel." "Where?" I stepped into the kitchen to get my keys. "To the grocery, to pick up 

supplies." He got up and headed for the door. "Later mates." "Bye loves we'll be back later." Wednesday shot me a look and I understood what she meant.

I sat down and put the key into the ignition impatiently waiting for Daniel to get in. "Seatbelt young lady?" I looked over at him confused. "Right.. 

sorry sir." Daniel nodded and buckled in "Seatbelt's so we can be safe, I wouldn't want anything bad happening to you sweet thang." 

I blushed hearing one of my many nicknames Daniel gave me. "Yes skip because we won't be safe if you don't recite Dora?" He looked at me 

seriously. "No, we won't be safe because your a terrible driver and you never wear your seat belt." I shot him a look, "Oh come on I'm not that bad 

of a driver." "Your pretty bad, actually I honestly think that LaLa is a better driver than you." LaLa was the Brooks' dog she was soo cute, and she was soo 

sweet, I could never scold her. Even when she stole my Kanga-Banga Beau had made me. I just laughed and let her finish it. 

"Soo which ways the liquor store?" Daniel looked at the road sign. "Umm.." he looked lost. "Go straight and take a left you should see Liberty Liquors." 

I turned my blinker on and pulled into the small drive. "Wow. Are you sure this is a liquor store and not a very large broom closet?" It was as small as a shed for lawn equipment.

"Yea, I'm sure this is the only liquor store for miles." I looked at him confused. "Really?" "No not really, I'm just pulling your leg, it was the closest one to the grocery anyway."


*Luke's Perspective:*

"Set them down right in the backyard next to the Hot Spa please?" Jai told the Keg Company men as they pushed passed us with two huge beer kegs. 

Ashley and Skip have been gone for at least an hour and a half, giving all of us time to set up for the party. "Wednesday they need your 

signature." She quickly scribbled at the end of a yellowish paper, then quickly took the receipt from the man. "Have fun, and please drink 

responsibly." The second man said his name-tag read George. "Thanks, uh George, have a good evening." She smiled sweetly at him and walked over 

to the table. Oh that smile how I could just melt away from it. It always gets to me. Oh if only she knew. "Luke?" I jumped out of my thoughts back into

realty. "Yea, what's wrong?" "Oh nothing, but you still haven't answered me." I was confused.. 'wait you asked me a question wow shows how much I 

pay attention.' I thought to myself. "Oh, uh sorry I was thinking." She giggled, oh that giggle, oh how it made me want to kiss her even more than 

before. "I know that's what I asked, were you even listening silly?" I sat down next to her. "No sorry, can you repeat the question?" "Well the first 

question was 'what are you thinking about?' and now I have a second. Are the boys worse when they drink or...?" "Nothing important just about my

chores. Oh and they aren't that bad they are somewhat nicer, if that makes any sense." She nodded then looked confused. "Why of all things your 

chores?" Shoot she figured me out, time to come up with something right off the top of my head. "Oh, umm, well I just remembered that my mom is 

gonna find that the dishes were all left in the washer that's all." Just then Jai walked in. 'Please be my savior.' "No they weren't, you put them away last 

night before bed." Great thanks Jai I appreciate everything you slu+. "Oh.. I didn't remember if I did or not thanks for telling me." Wednesday smiled and 

looked at me, "Well now you have nothing to worry about." "Yea I'm glad."

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