Taking A Lebenese-Aussie

Ashley and Wednesday have waited since freshman year to move to Australia, on the last day of being seniors at IHS (Ithaca High School) they are finally ready to move to start there new lives, not realizing that they move in right next to world famous #notaboyband YouTube prank group called The Janoskians.


2. Chapter 1: Ashley's Perspective:

Taking A Lebanese-Aussie: *CHAPTER1:* *Ashley's Perspective* "June 22nd, 2016 finally the last day! I have been waiting for this day since freshman year, our trip is going to be soo much fun I can't wait." Sitting in my room packing away trying to not get too overwhelmed before I have to pick up Wednesday. I don't want to get all excited and hyper and have to take a drug test at the airport because, they think I'm high or something. That would be a blow. " Wednesday, got everything?" Seven bags, three big, four small, she might as well bring her whole house at the expense. Then again I understand her, we are going to be in Australia for at least two years we'll practically be Aussies when we come back. "I'm soo excited. I don't know what to do first. What should we start with? Start with the Sydney Opera House, or should we check out the Mall?" "Hey Wednesday, I'm pretty sure we should start out by getting to the airport first." "Ok. Yea you're right..." And I thought that I was anxious pshh, she was over the top when it came to the word hyper. I just hope that she isn't like this when we get to Australia. *2 days later* Sitting in our new apartment getting used to the fact that we are actually here is kind of nerve racking. Not knowing what to do first of what to try first makes me mad that my brain can't decide on one simple task.

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