The Walking Dead

its about Adien surveing a zombies with his neighbors Sara


1. The attack

My name is Aiden I am 16 years old It was like any other day I came home from school and found my parents had turned into zombies.  I saw bite marks on them.  I grabbed a knife from the kitchen and throw knifes at them .  They staggered and it held them back until I could leave the house.  I heard a scream next door so I went to my neighbors house and found my neighbor Sara was screaming because her parents were attacking her they had changed into zombies as well.  Sara looked stunned so I grabbed her hand and took her outside the house.   Sara is the same age as me.  Me and Sara heard screaming everywhere people where being attacked by zombies.  we went to the nearest store to stock up on weapons.  Sara was still crying I told her everything will be ok I told her we need to take cover somewhere .  They grabbed his car and stared driving to safety.  They drove to a nearest town and found that the same problem was happening there.  They found some survivors.  We let them in the car One of the guys name was Samuel his  and wife Hilary are 27 years old.   There friends were turned They told us how to kill the the monsters by shooting them in the head.  They said it was the only way to kill them.  Samuel asked Aiden If he know how to use a gun and he said he didn't know how to use one Samuel said he would teach him.  They drove to the woods and Samuel  and put up empty bottles to shoot it with the gun.  Samuel Said when he was shooting he was really good.  Aiden was lucky they came across theses nice people that knew how to defened us.  They each took turns driving the car.  Aiden was sad about his parents and so was Sara.  Samuel stopped at a gun shop to get more amo and guns.  Then the drove to the woods.   

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