The Walking Dead

its about Adien surveing a zombies with his neighbors Sara


2. On The Run

Me and Sara and samuel and hi wife have been on the run for  month now. We have come close to being attacked sevrel time they where close calls.  Samuel took me and Sara in as there  family because we don't have a family anymore.  We went to Walmart to a local Walmart to stock up on groceries and went to the eletronic department and went to turn on the tv to ind the news on what was going on with these people turning into zombies.  On the news they said it was from a cemical plant that spread a virus.  The plant that spread the virus was called Plant Zero and when Aiden saw this on the news he found out that was where his parents worked.  Aidens parents worked for the government his parents came into contacted with Sara's parents and that's how Sara's parents turned into zombies. They were scientist.  Aiden told Samuel  that's where his parents worked.  It dawned on Aiden thabies.  Aiden's parents work  as ground zero . 

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