A teenage love story

this book it's about a girl who never had a real boyfriend, she finally got 4 girlfriends and at prom she finally get kissing the most popular boy mark, and then they have to move.. what is she going to do


5. the prom

one day prom! i didn't had any date and nothing to wear... how? it's been a half year since i came. i ran into mark and we talked about prom and i talked about that I didn't had any date and we talked about that we maybe should go together.... so it end with that we should go together! i'm so excited so i called my friends after school and i told them that they should come over, so they did and we talked all night! next morning we went over to Daisy and packed her stuff, and then home to the others.. and then we went home to me again! we went to town to go shopping for prom and we should meat around 18:00, so we were pressed! when we had find the dresses we went home again and got ready! " here we come prom!:) "  

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