A teenage love story

this book it's about a girl who never had a real boyfriend, she finally got 4 girlfriends and at prom she finally get kissing the most popular boy mark, and then they have to move.. what is she going to do


2. the new friend!

A week later I got 4 new friends! Alice-Sally-Mandy-daisy- and me aria! We keep together as we suppose to do and we are doing every thing together, we are 1 in 5 bodies!! I ♥️ them! I told them about mark. They Think that i Maybe have a chance.... Next day I went in to him again and my books fell down, And I was just like " oh! I'm sorry that was totally my fold! I should looked clearly and.... I'm Aria!" " the new girl?" That's me!" " cool I'm mark:)" So we went into class and we were begin to see each other:o

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