A teenage love story

this book it's about a girl who never had a real boyfriend, she finally got 4 girlfriends and at prom she finally get kissing the most popular boy mark, and then they have to move.. what is she going to do


6. the kiss

when the music started and every had come, the dance started. i couldn't find mark, he was not at prom yet! were is he, what if he had dumt me how should i so live when he wasn't there? i looked aroundt and saw him in the most beautiful smooking.. I couldn't speak, my mouth was lame! he came with a little red rose and said: " I LOVE YOU! " i kissed him and i couldn't stop, we went behind the scenen so we could be private! when we were " done " we dansed and had fun i totally forgot that i should be home around 00:00 i just couldn't stop dancing! mark said that i were that tired so he had to leave me home with him! that was the best night in my in tire life.....

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